Raiding Carolina's Kitchen

First time poster here, big fan of the site, please keep the info coming. I love our work during the season and off-season. I just wanted to throw some ideas out as to what i would not mind seeing this off-season. In the end I fully trust in our post-Pioli ran FO.  I think our last 2 drafts have been great. However here are some ideas:

Important players to Resign:

MANKINS (#1 priority)




Sign From Panthers:

D Williams

R Kalil

I do not know the off-season rules as to resigning your own players, however if the cba gets figured out soon enough and the franchise tag rules stay the same, i am pretty sure it will not be used on any of these two guys. In Dwills' case they have goodson n stewart n he would be redundant, as for kalil they would have to pay him top 5 avg salaries for OT's which is wayyy more than a C is worth, hence making it prohibitive. The transition tag may be in play however, but that is easier to deal with.

Why sign Carolinas free agents? Find out after the jump!

Both of these guys would fill huge needs on our team, and would allow us to focus specifically on DE, OLB, and OT in the draft. Maybe we can even sneak in a talent such as Hankerson at wr. With price yet to be tested however, I believe that becomes a luxury pick more than a need.



I would love to come away with the following haul from our first 6 picks,

Nate Solder (best OL prospect in draft and fills a huge need)

Cameron Heyward (watt may also be in play here although im not a huge fan. )

Jeremy Beal

Leonard Hankerson

Jabal Sheard (love watching this kid play, supposedly had some run in with the law, but honestly only makes me like him more. They needed tasers and pepper spray to pull him off. Other wise quiet and humble kid goes the scouting report lol. He may be the enforcer we need on defense to make sure people think twice before opening up their mouths. Refs dont carry tasers bart, so whos gonna save your qb once our pitbull locks on? exactly keep ur mouth shut)

Muhammad Wilkerson

We would not only fill needs with this haul but provide ourselves depth and backup options in case some of our defensive help were not to pan out as hoped

Important players to get healthy:

Ty warren

Leigh Bodden

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