My Pats Dream draft for 2011

Trade with Dallas, get elite player and fill in positions of need

Here is my dream draft for the Patriots.  I know it won’t happen because it never does. First and foremost we need an impact player on defense.  The ideal candidate is UNC Robert Quinn.  Secondly we need to strengthen our interior offensive line and add a quality OLB and get some players with Mankin’s attitude.

With that said I would like to see the Pats make some moves with the Cowboys.  Both have a history of working together and both like to make a lot of draft day trades.

In my ideal world I would like to see the Patriots trade their two first round picks, their second, second round pick and their second third round pick for Dallas’s first round pick, second round pick and third round picks. This trade is pretty equal on the value chart.

The Patriots would get the 9th overall, 40th and 71st picks. Dallas would receive 17th, 28th, 60th and 92nd.

The Patriots would still have the 31st and 74th picks from Carolina and Minnesota.

With 5 picks in the first 74 we then target one elite impact player and four system style prospects that will add immediate depth at key positions.

With the 9th they select Robert Quinn.  I know he may not be there but if a few of the quarterbacks shine in the bowl games and combines and with him not playing last year there is more than a good chance he could drop to 9.

Why Quinn? He is 6’ 5”, 250 and gets to the quarterback like Julius Peppers.  He may struggle with the run early but has room to add another 10-15 pounds.  He is considered very humble and a diligent worker, qualities the Hoodie loves.  He would be the ideal difference maker that will make an immediate impact in our lineup.

With the 31st pick I would go with either the best offensive lineman or OLB available.  My list of potential available players would be Von Miller (a beast at OLB most likely a top 15 pick but stranger things have happened) Pouncey (versatile lineman that BB would love), Carimi (nasty streak we are missing) Ayers (great size in the 3-4 scheme).  If none of these guys slip out of the first then most likely a QB or a DT will have slipped.  BB will have all night to either trade the pick or pick the next available lineman or OLB.

With the 40th pick I would go first with Jonathan Baldwin (wr with size and speed to stretch the field) if he is still around, if not then with either Marvin Austin (DT from UNC) or Rodney Hudson from Florida Stated depending on who was picked with the 31st. 

With the 71st and 74th picks I would look at two members of the following group.  Phil Taylor or Bruce Carter, Muhammed Wilkerson, and Demarco Murray.


So here is my ideal draft:

9th pick : Robert Quinn (elite difference maker)

31st pick: Mike Pouncey OG Florida (versatile for interior line)

40th pick: Jonathan Baldwin WR Pitt (stretches the field)

71st pick: Phil Taylor DT from Baylor (a nasty edge we are missing, must be controlled).

 74th pick: Bruce Carter OLB from NC (had a tough year but lost three defensive studs around him with the agent scandal.


This is my dream draft.  I know it won’t happen but you can always hope.  I also would hope we can re-sign Mankins (long term), Light, Koppen, Warren, Page (short term).  With later round picks I would look for running back depth, more OL and guys that can make a difference on special teams.


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