Justin_Bobo's First Round Mock Draft

Update: Michael Floyd and Justin Blackmon have been replaced by Titus Young and Torrey Smith. Crick has been replaced by Aldon Smith, and Cameron Jordan has been moved up to replace Stephen Paea's spot.


This is the beginning of my second annual mock draft, and like most people, I was way off last year. This is somewhat rough, but this is my opinion of the first round talent and which teams have what needs. No trading was added, just straight up pick by pick. I've started the second round, and will post that in a few days. Feel free to comment, and especially criticize. And please let me know if there are any picks your definitely agree with, any team.

1. Carolina Panthers – Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn The Panthers showed they still need a franchise quarterback, but seemingly will give Jimmy Clausen another opportunity with Andrew Luck returning to Stanford. Now the Panthers need to shift their focus to the defense, and the gaping hole that is their defensive line. Their two starters, Nick Hayden and Derek Landri, have a combined 8 total sacks in their careers. The Panthers need to score more, but also needs to finally stop teams from doing what they wish on them, and having an animal like Nick Fairley on your defensive line can really help that. He can provide to the Panthers what Ndamaking Suh provided for the Lions. While Clemson DE Da’Quan Bowers can also provide a significant impact on the defensive line, the Panthers need someone in the middle of the line. If the Panthers still stick to offense, look for them to assess their wide receiver needs. Other possible picks- WR A.J. Green, DE Da’Quan Bowers


2. Denver Broncos – Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson The Broncos would absolutely love for the Panthers to skip over Nick Fairley and draft A.J. Green instead, since Denver finished this season dead last in sacks and with no presence in the middle of the field. Either way, you should see Fairley and Bowers fall 1 and 2 in this draft. The Broncos are in a similar boat as the Panthers with the lack of a pass rush and a weak interior on the defensive line. Jamal Williams is aging, and although he did play in all 16 games, he didn’t reach the quarterback once. However, without another high-profile DT on the board, Denver needs to address the exterior defensive line. Kevin Vickerson and Justin Bannan are on the top of Denver’s depth chart, and registered a total of 3 sacks last season. Look for the speedy, quarterback-hungry Bowers to fall to number 2 and immediately contribute to the Broncos lack of attacking the quarterback. Other possible picks – DT Nick Fairley


3. Buffalo Bills – Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen three defensive linemen go 1-2-3 in a draft, but there is no reason why we shouldn’t see it this season. Marcell Dareus, the anchor of Alabama’s solid defensive line, and finished the season leading Alabama’s defense in tackles for losses. His quick, aggressive style of play has made him a favorite by NFL scouts, and has brought his draft stock up week by week. The only solid contributor the Bills have on the defensive line is DE Kyle Williams, and now by placing Dareus into the line, who should start from day one, Buffalo has a chance to establish a run-defense to shut down the AFC East running backs. Buffalo may also opt to go lighter and draft a pass-rushing linebacker, or a lighter defensive end to convert to linebacker, but would most likely trade down to do so if they find a suitor. Other possible picks – DE Robert Quinn, CB Patrick Peterson


4. Cincinnati Bengals – A.J. Green, WR, Georgia It is distinctly possible that way may see a fourth defensive lineman go in the draft already with Robert Quinn. The Bengals could either push Quinn to beef up, or convert him into an outside linebacker. Also, if Da’Quan Bowers fall this fall, Cincinnati will not let him pass by. However, after the failed Ochocinco-Owens show last season, the Bengals may look to address their offensive woes. No running backs are worthy of a top 5 back in this draft, and WR A.J. Green is the top offensive talent on the board. While Cincinnati’s pass rush is a high priority, Cincinnati may put more hopes on Carlos Dunlap, after he provided a boost in the second half of the season, and take the top offensive talent on the board. Other possible picks – DE Robert Quinn


5. Arizona Cardinals – Robert Quinn, DE/OLB, North Carolina I had a hard time not taking QB Blaine Gibbert with this pick. Arizona’s quarterback problems are an eyesore for Cardinals fans, but they know this franchise has a lot of faith in both Max Hall and John Skelton. No franchises would hold three extremely young quarterbacks without a veteran presence to support them, and no franchise seems to hold 4 quarterbacks. With the lack of top offensive line prospects, look for most teams to wait until the second round to address their offensive line needs as well. This has the Cardinals, just like the aforementioned teams, looking to help out their meager pass rush. Robert Quinn has the strength to be a defensive lineman, and the quickness and awareness to be an outside linebacker. Look for Arizona to focus on placing Quinn on the linebacker squad, and expect him to be blitzing a lot next season. Other possible picks – QB Blaine Gibbert, QB Jake Locker


6. Cleveland Browns – Julio Jones, WR, Alabama This pick is a toss-up for me between taking their biggest need, and taking the best available talent on the board. The best talent is clearly CB Patrick Peterson, but with the addition of Joe Haden last year, and the youth Cleveland has in the secondary, is questionable whether they would take Peterson. Julio Jones may be a bit of a stretch all the way up at 6, but not by much. His talent is undeniable, and his height and vertical leap put him in an elite class. However, his dropped pass rate is higher than normal, which may alarm some teams. The Cleveland Browns are desperate for a wide receiver though, so look for them to take Jones and keep their fingers crossed that he can work on his stone hands. Other possible picks – CB Patrick Peterson, CB Prince Amukamara


7. San Francisco 49ers – Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU It’s about time one of these two amazing cornerbacks went off the board. The 49ers will be sitting and waiting, hoping for one of these two players to fall into their laps. If given the choice between the two, Peterson seems to be the favorite. Both Peterson and Amukamara are shutdown cornerbacks, but the flashy playmaking ability of Peterson will catch the 49ers eye. Either way, they land a talented defensive back who will immediately contribute to the pass defense. Other possible picks – CB Prince Amukamara

8. Tennessee Titans – Blaine Gibbert, QB, Missouri Rated as the top quarterback prospect in the draft, his size and frame is what NFL teams are really in love with. At 6’5", 235, he has the size on top of the tools to be successful in the NFL. The character concerns of Ryan Mallett and Cam Newton will deter the Titans from drafting either of them, leaving Gibbert as their only option anyways. With Vince Young all but gone, and no one knowing how long Kerry Collins will keep playing, quarterback is the obvious number one need for Tennessee. However, if they believe in Rusty Smith, or don’t believe in any of these quarterbacks in the first round, the Titans could aim to develop their front seven on defense. Other possible picks – DT Cameron Jordan DE/OLB Von Miller


9. Dallas Cowboys – Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska I don’t remember the last time the Cowboys had a draft pick this high without trading up, and they don’t want to mess this up while they have the chance. Amukamara is the obvious choice here, with cornerback being the biggest concern for Dallas. Prince has the speed, size and physicality that Dallas loves, and can come in and immediately be an impact and develop into a shutdown corner. Other possible picks – None


10. Washington Redskins – Jake Locker, QB, Washington The Redskins absolutely need a quarterback to build a franchise around. No matter what, whether it is Locker, Mallett or Newton, I feel like picking one at 10 will be a bit of a reach. This is a defense-heavy draft without a doubt, but the Redskins can’t wait any longer. McNabb needs to go. Grossman needs to go. Washington needs to just start from scratch and start young. The defense is constantly switching from 3-4 and 4-3, so picking a defensive player is just too difficult anyways. The promise that Jake Locker showed before last year’s draft cannot be ignored, and he still shows all the raw tools to develop into a solid quarterback. He may need a little more time than normal to groom into the role, but taking time to do so seems to be well worth it. Other possible picks – QB Ryan Mallett, OLB Von Miller


11. Houston Texans – Von Miller, DE/OLB, Texas A&M I’ve been flirting putting Von Miller at a few different spots, but it is difficult to really decide where he will be drafted. He could go anywhere from 6 to 26, depending on how much stock you put into his late season surge. However, if a team is desperate for a pass rushing outside linebacker, then Von Miller is your man. He constantly blitzed for the Aggies, and did so increasingly successful during the second half of last season. Miller is definitely a system linebacker, and needs to be groomed into a package, but if used properly, he can be a constant problem for opposing offenses. Other possible picks – DE/OLB Ryan Kerrigan, DT Cameron Jordan


12. Minnesota Vikings – Cam Newton, QB, Auburn I’m surprised I’m putting him this high, but I feel like Minnesota just loves making picks like these. After a season of complete disarray and disappointment, the Vikings may feel as if they need to make a choice that will have fans completely forgetting about last season. While Ryan Mallett may be the safer choice here, Cam Newton’s explosiveness and potential could get the Vikings to bite. However, if the Vikings choose Mallett over Newton, Cam could fall a very, very long way down the draft. Other possible picks – QB Ryan Mallett


13. Detroit Lions – Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA Wherever you look, this seems to be the consensus pick for the Detroit Lions. While they may be looking for cornerback, they will have to keep their fingers crossed that Peterson or Amukamara falls down to 13. Ayers carried a young UCLA front-seven last season, further proving his NFL-ready ability by putting a defense on his shoulders and still performing well. His leadership and determination are intangibles that every team absolutely loves, and the Lions should not pass up on Ayers and his play-making ability. Other possible picks – OT Nate Solder


14. St. Louis Rams – Cameron Jordan, DE/DT, Calfornia With the Lions and Rams now drafting in the middle of the board instead of the beginning, they now get to look at drafting role players for a lesser amount of money and being able to focus on more targets. While this hole is usually hard to get out of, both teams managed to do so, giving hope to fans for the future. St. Louis would love for Julio Jones to fall to 14, but that may not happen. It is also too early to take Justin Blackmon or Jonathan Baldwin, so unless they trade their pick, St. Louis may opt out of drafting a wide receiver. Adding defensive pressure if always a plus, so look for the Rams to plug in a solid playmaker into the middle of their evolving defense. Jordan constantly fought through double and triple teams last year, and still managed to play effectively. Other possible picks – OT Nate Solder, WR Titus Young


15. Miami Dolphins – Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas The Dolphins could go a few different ways with this, but the majority seems to think they will go after Mark Ingram. However, with the lack of effective running backs in the draft, Ingram may fall to the second round while teams look at other needs. Miami may also go after the top offensive or defensive talent on the board instead of going after a need, looking at such options as Nate Solder, Adrian Clayborn or Allen Bailey. However, I think Miami will go after whatever quarterback is on the board, and in this case, its Ryan Mallet. Other options – DE Adrian Clayborn, OT Nate Solder, DE Allen Bailey


16. Jacksonville Jaguars – Adrain Clayborn, DE, Iowa Clayborn is sliding down everyone’s draft board, usually lower than this, but I believe Jacksonville will take the chance on him. His weaknesses are all things that can be worked on, such as his knack for over pursuing and being fooled on the play action. His strength and speed is undeniable top of the class, and he is a very impressive tackler. Look for a team that needs a pass rusher to take a chance on him earlier than expected, as his strengths far outnumber his weaknesses. Other Options – DE/OLB Ryan Kerrigan, DE Allen Bailey


17. New England Patriots – Ryan Kerrigan, DE/OLB, Purdue Kerrigan’s versatility is what puts him here over other pass rushers like Cameron Heyward, J.J. Watt and Cameron Jordan. Kerrigan can play defensive end on either a 3-4 or 4-3, but look for the Patriots to use him as an outside linebacker in their 3-4 scheme. He has a nose for the quarterback, which is something New England is absolutely lacking. If they take Kerrigan at 17, look for them to go for a defensive lineman at 28. The aforementioned pass rushers may still be available. Other options – DE J.J. Watt, DE/OLB Cameron Heyward


18. San Diego Chargers – Nate Solder, OT, Colorado Solder is the top ranked offensive lineman in the draft, and his stock may go up a little with the draft class being so weak. However, don’t let that fool you, because Solder has what it takes to be a force in the NFL. His huge frame is what is really getting him the attention he is receiving, but he has the instincts and talent to back up the title of top offensive lineman. San Diego could easily target the defensive line as well at this pick. Other options – DE/OLB Cameron Heyward


19. New York Giants – Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College The Giants were hopefully to have the chance to take Nate Solder, but having the powerful Anthony Castonzo falling to you isn’t a bad booby prize. His extra season at BC gave him even more experience and more knowledge about the position he plays, and he should immediately come in and compete for a starting job on the Giants’ weakening offensive line. The offensive line is without a doubt the biggest glaring hole for New York, so there should be no doubt with which direction they go in. Other options – OT Tyron Smith, OT Derek Sherrod


20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Allen Bailey, DE/DT, Miami Again, I may be making another stretch pick here, but Bailey’s upside is through the roof. He has the versatility to play every position on the defensive line, and has the strength and size to compete against NFL offensive lineman. A less-than-stellar senior season by the Miami Hurricanes as a whole had a detrimental effect on Bailey’s draft status, but just like Clayborn, someone who is patient enough to develop a powerhouse will take a chance on him, and Tampa Bay should. Other options – DE JJ Watt, OT Derek Sherrod

21. Kansas City Chiefs – Cameron Heyward, DE/OLB, Ohio State Kansas City gets a steal here as Heyward slips down the board and into their laps. Heyward’s lack of motivation during a few games truly hurt his draft status, but that is something we’ve seen fixed in numerous draft picks in the pass. Heyward’s talent is undeniable, and he always knows who has the ball and where the quarterback is. Justin Houston seems to be the favorite to be chosen here, but it will be hard to pass up on Heyward if he falls to 21. Other options – DE/OLB Justin Houston


22. Indianapolis Colts – Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State The offensive line is a clear problem for the Colts this season, especially both tackle positions. Sherrod’s size and versatility is a perfect fit for Indianapolis. Sherrod played all 4 years at Mississippi State, and has the experience to come right in and compete for a starting job. Derek is very strong, but also very quick, a surprising and promising mix for the position he plays. Other options – OT Gabe Carimi, OT Marcus Cannon


23. Philadelphia Eagles – Gabe Carimi, T/G, Wisconson The Eagles need help at both the tackle and guard position, and it is difficult to decide which position is weaker for Philadelphia. Therefore, draft a player who plays both positions. Carimi won the 2010 Outland Trophy for offensive lineman of the year, and his versatility can let him compete all across the line for the position he best fits in for the Eagles scheme Other options – G Mike Pouncey, CB Brandon Harris


24. New Orleans Saints – J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconson The Saints need help on the pass rush, and have a few options to choose from. However, Watt’s size cements him into the defensive end position, a position he has begun to perfect and experience in. His lack of versatility isn’t flattering, but his tackling ability and nose for the quarterback are huge positives for New Orleans’ weaknesses. Other options – DT Drake Nevis


25. Seattle Seahawks – Brandon Harris, CB, Miami Along with Allen Bailey, Harris’s draft stock took a hit with the Hurricane’s disappointing season. However, Harris is the top cornerback in the 2nd tier after Peterson and Amukamara, and has the talent to compete against NFL wide receivers and come into Seattle and help a depleted secondary. Other options – CB Aaron Williams


26. Baltimore Ravens – Aaron Williams, CB, Texas The other top cornerback in the second tier follows Brandon Harris as Baltimore selects Aaron Williams. The Ravens need another top notch wide receiver, but won’t find one at this spot. Baltimore has three free agent cornerbacks, and if they can’t land all three in the offseason, definitely look for the Ravens to go after Harris or Williams, whoever is available Other options – DE Jeremy Beal


27. Atlanta Falcons – Titus Young, WR, Boise State I originally had Michael Floyd here, but incorrectly thought he was entering the draft. The Falcons need more weapons for Matt Ryan besides Roddy White, and they may dip into what could be a high 2nd round pick in order to get that weapon. With the top tackles off the board, and no big name safeties available, the Falcons may have no choice but go with Floyd here Other options – WR Torrey Smith, S Rahim Moore


28. New England Patriots – Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama With the previously targeted pass rushers off the board, like JJ Watt and Cameron Heyward, the Patriots can improve their running game by taking the top player left on the board. Ingram slipped a long way due to a poorer senior season compared to his near-Heisman junior season, but is still the highest ranked running back. With Kevin Faulk, Fred Taylor and Sammy Morris all potentially retiring, adding Mark Ingram with GreenEllis and Woodhead could provide a deadly punch Other options – DE/DT Muhammed Wilkerson


29. New York Jets – Aldon Smith, DE/OLB, Missouri Do the Jets need another defensive weapon? No. Will Aldon help anyways? Absolutely. Other options – WR Torrey Smith, TE Kyle Rudolph


30. Chicago Bears – Tyron Smith, OT, USC Everyone knows what position the Bears will be looking to improve in, and can add depth by adding numerous offensive linemen in this draft. Although Tyron Smith may not be the highest rated tackle available, he has the highest ceiling and potential, and the Bears will love his strength and size as long as he stays healthy. Other options – OT DeMarcus Love, OT Marcus Cannon


31. Pittsburgh Steelers – Mike Pouncey, G, Florida Another seemingly unanimous pick across draft boards, the Steelers put the Pouncey brothers together on the offensive line. Mike Pouncey also provides a lot of versatility, and the camaraderie between the two could be huge for this team in the future.Other options - None


32. Green Bay Packers – Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland I originally had Justin Blackmon here, but again incorrectly thought he was going into the draft. The Packers might not dip as low to take another WR like Smith, but this was easier than changing my beginning to the second round. Green Bay has a chance here to improve its thin defensive line and pass rush, but that may be an area they would rather assess through free agency. Look for the Packers to take the best talent available here in Justin Blackmon, providing Aaron Rodgers yet another weapon in this dangerous offense Other options – WR Jonathan Baldwin, DE Jeremy Beal

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