I'll start this off by saying that I had a hell of a season. I fought thought this season with the championship in mind. I came within inches of my goal. I posted last week that I wasn't sure whom to play and now looking back over my lineup I should have played 2 players that did very well. To my defence the players they needed to replace where players that where projected much higher last week. I played Bradshaw and Cooley and I should have played Forte and Gronkowski.

If I played either, the point difference would have been enough to win it all. I just never thought that Green Bay would allow Forte to run like he did and Gronk well he had the best game of his young career and got what Cooley was projected to. Forte 20 pts, Gronk 19 pts both on the bench. Look below for the details.

If you look back over the past 17 weeks, there was one over riding fact. The Patriots winning ALWAYS super-ceded my team winning.I look forward to this off season with great hope and happiness. TFB is playing his best as a QB in his career. Bill has personally seen to it that each defensive player has the plays seared into there brains by him. The offence has no peers in this league and the defence is good enough to hold the best offences in a game.

I know it's a long shot. By the #'s they produced both McCourty and Gronkowski deserve RPY honors the facts:

gFORCE- 42 Rec 546 yards 10 TD's not too mention all the blocks on all pros that kept TFB clean all season. I know Bradford for St. Louis will win it, I just hope they don't forget Gronk.

McCourty- (need nickname maybe, the warden: when he's on you, your on lock down):

82 Tackles 1 Sack 7 ints 17 pass def. Maybe Haden from Cleveland will get it, but I feel that Devin's got it.

I have really enjoyed my time here at the Pulpit and I will continue to read this blog for it's insite and creative bloggers. For now I wait, I wait for the "Winners" of this weekend so the path to the SB starts to come into focus.

To any player that may be reading this. Eat pie, it is good and it will fill you. Follow the hooded one to the promise land. He knows the way, he has been there before. Always be humble,always be hungry,never be satisfied. The true Patriot Way.

Score Summary

Team Point Total
Springfield Sioux 139.50
Stealth Brohmers 150.50

Springfield Sioux 9-5-0

Stealth Brohmers 9-5-0

Pos Player Opp Status Projected Actual
QB Tim Tebow (Den - QB) P Player notes SD L, 33-28 12.22 29.00
WR Mario Manningham (NYG - WR) Player notes @Was W, 17-14 13.98 18.00
WR Joe Webb (Min - QB,WR) Player notes @Det L, 20-13 11.12 7.00
WR Miles Austin (Dal - WR) Player notes @Phi W, 14-13 8.23 7.00
RB Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG - RB) P Player notes @Was W, 17-14 10.73 3.00
RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NE - RB) Player notes Mia W, 38-7 7.28 14.50
TE Chris Cooley (Was - TE) New player notes NYG L, 17-14 6.57 7.50
K Shayne Graham (NE - K) Player notes Mia W, 38-7 9.13 8.00
DEF New England (NE - DEF) No new player Notes Mia W, 38-7 10.49 19.00
D Chad Greenway (Min - LB) No new player Notes @Det L, 20-13 9.01 7.00
D Jerod Mayo (NE - LB) Player notes Mia W, 38-7 12.41 7.00
D Brian Cushing (Hou - LB) P No new player Notes Jac W, 34-17 12.56 4.50
D Lance Briggs (Chi - LB) Player notes @GB L, 10-3 7.70 8.00
Total       131.43 139.50
Pos Player Opp Status Projected Actual
QB Ben Roethlisberger (Pit - QB) Player notes @Cle W, 41-9 15.12 21.00
WR Mike Wallace (Pit - WR) Player notes @Cle W, 41-9 10.81 17.50
WR Larry Fitzgerald (Ari - WR) Player notes @SF L, 38-7 10.05 23.50
WR Pierre Garcon (Ind - WR) Player notes Ten W, 23-20 11.02 16.50
RB Arian Foster (Hou - RB) Player notes Jac W, 34-17 22.18 32.00
RB Steven Jackson (StL - RB) Player notes @Sea L, 16-6 13.45 9.00
TE Zach Miller (Oak - TE) P Player notes @KC W, 31-10 6.84 5.50
K Rian Lindell (Buf - K) No new player Notes @NYJ L, 38-7 7.00 1.00
DEF Philadelphia (Phi - DEF) No new player Notes Dal L, 14-13 14.75 8.00
D T.J. Ward (Cle - S) Player notes Pit L, 41-9 6.21 7.50
D Quintin Mikell (Phi - S) No new player Notes Dal L, 14-13 9.37 0.00
D Donte Whitner (Buf - S) Player notes @NYJ L, 38-7 7.74 4.00
D Stephen Tulloch (Ten - LB) Player notes @Ind L, 23-20 9.12 5.00
Total       143.66 150.50

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