Catching Up With Brandon Meriweather

So watching Chicago play Detroit on Monday night, last night I couldn't help but focus in on our former safety, the Partystarter himself, Mr, Brandon Meriweather. I don't really wish ill of the guy, but anytime there's roster movement like that I like to feel my team came out better for it in the end. I'm not at all surprised he's no longer a Patriot after some of his antics the last few years, but at the same time I was kind of shocked the Patriots couldn't get anything in return for liquidating him (a la Seymour, Cassel etc.). I mean, he certainly had his flaws, but he was a former 1st rounder, 2X Pro-bowler (on paper that is), and he was snatched up off of waivers without hesitation. The 1st round draft pick spent on him is water under the bridge, but surely we could've gotten something in return.

In Bill we trust, right?

Anyway, I watched about 3 quarters of that Lions/Bears game last night, and I don't care that the Patriots defense is the most permissive in the league. They are still better off without him.

There are 3 plays that stand out to me as quintessential Meriweather, that just made me cringe. These plays should bring a familiar (sinking) feeling to any Pats fan.


1. On 3rd and 8 Megatron scores a demoralizing 73-yard TD.

This is signature Meriweather

-out of position

-takes a horrible angle

-knocks his own CB out of the play

-misses the tackle

All on a key 3rd and long no less.


2. He came in very late during an INT return and threw a real cheap block that practically ignited a fight

Now, in his defense, I didn't really hear the whistle and he wasn't flagged, but it's not worth the risk of a 15yard flag to take shots like this. And it's just not good football, it's a knucklehead move.


3.Jahvid Best 88yard TD scamper. I felt sick to my stomach when I saw this one having flashbacks of Ray Rice's 1st play from scrimmage in the playoffs.

It's not all on Brandon that Best sliced right through the first two level untouched, but again, Meriweather so far out of position, can't take a good angle...good night Irene!  Not the first time we've seen him chasing a runner down from behind, and getting burned.

I'm not trying to slag the guy, but if any Pats fans were looking at the stat line on our D and feeling remorse about Meriweather being gone and wondering why we got nothing in return. Well, after what I saw last night, I have to say we're better off without Meriweather back there.

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