There's only one thing I hate about Patspulpit... the whiny gamethreaders who are constantly negative and ridiculous in their hyperbole.

"The sky is falling" when we're only down by 3. "We have to make a stop" when we're up by 14.

I honestly don't know how these people would deal with real sporting adversity. Remember 2008 vs the Steelers when they could have hung 100 on us? Remember the Saints in 2009? Those are "sky is falling" games but even then, not worth some of the despair. What if you were Panthers fans?

Sports have ebbs and flows. You cannot be perfect for 100% of a game. Sometimes the other guys are good. Remember this is the NFL. BB doesn't get to pick his players from Mars - he has the same pool as everybody else.

I'm not saying we can never criticise, but let's hold back our "X is an idiot" "bench X" bullcrap. I remember when half of the PP wanted Nink benched last year. Or Arrington (how many ints now?). Or complained when BJGE only gets a few yards on his first carries.

We have SO much to be thankful for. Perhaps we should be more positive.

We're 5-1. Yes, 5-1, 2nd best equal record in the NFL. We lead the AFC East. We beat the Jets.

Every team gets injuries, we got lucky and got ours early. And we're still 5-1. Despite the injuries. We have a bye to help heal up and then we will have a fresh team ready to rock and roll. We may have Brace and Deaderick back. Haynesworth's back gets more rehab. BJGE can put his feet up. Spikes and Cunningham will get better every week. Our sandwiches get Mayo again

The weather's getting colder, and this team will thrive in the cold - it'll disarm enemy passing attacks but we'll retain ours and our ground and pound. BB knows what he has in this team now

I feel pretty damn good. And if we're down 14-0 in the first quarter vs the Steelers, I'll still feel pretty damn good. Because it's only a teeny, tiny part of the season. And we're better than most

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