New England Patriots Links 10/18/11 - Andre Carter: Cowboys Game was "A Stepping Stone" For The Defense

Andre Carter checked in to the Mut & Merloni show yesterday to talk about his two sacks on Tony Romo and the Patriots defense.

"Numbers are one thing, but I just think in general just continue to be successful, especially in those situations that you witnessed yesterday," Carter said. "That was just another steppingstone as far as our development, as far as becoming a good defense. There was definitely that one particular series where they had that long drive, but besides everything else, we got ourselves a turnover and provided some field position. We held our ground and did our part. That in itself shows what our potential can be if we continue to play that way."

"The scheme, especially this 4-3 scheme, it is a little bit different. I’m still trying to find a way to understand it," he said. "But I think one thing, like any other defense, communication is always the key. Communication on where guys need to be at any given play or any given time. During the beginning of the season, it has been inconsistent. As a group, we’ve discussed, ‘OK, what do we need to do to get better. How do we continue to get better?’ It starts through practice. It starts through game study. So, we’ve talked about this. The coaches have always discussed each and every day what we need to do to, how we can be a good team, just to evolve, being the defense that you have seen, as you know, last night."

"There’s still little things that we can always clean up each and every week. Not every game’s going to be perfect. But overall, we can just kind of shake our heads and say this is a steppingstone."

Bill Belichick responds to a question about Brandon Spikes' performance.

I think Brandon has been improving a little bit every week - increased his practice reps and his playing time and all that. I think I said earlier this week that he really missed the entire preseason and he missed the Miami game, so his preseason is kind of coming to a close right now, I'd say, in terms of timing and practices and all of that. He's getting better and he made some plays for us on the next-to-last possession defensively. When they were trying to run the clock, he blitzed up the middle a couple times and was disruptive and we were able to get the runner for little or no gain. He showed up on a few plays.

Mary Paoletti notes Wes Welker was asked on the Dan Patrick Show if he is confident enough in the QB to bet a game check on a must-score march.

"My game check? Yeah, sure. I'm like the 40th highest paid receiver in the league," he laughed.




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