Week 6 Power Rankings

Pro Football Weekly ranks them 2nd:  It took Brady 57 minutes, but then he picked apart Ryan's "D."

National Football Post ranks them 2nd:  The difference between the Cowboys and Patriots on Sunday? Tom Brady with the game on the line.

ESPN ranks them 2nd:  The Patriots proved against Dallas that they can win ugly, too.

Pete Prisco (CBS Sports) ranks them 2nd:  They head to the bye week in their usual spot: First place in the AFC East. They still don't stretch the field, which has to be a concern. ranks them 2nd:  Fox Sports announcer Thom Brennaman said "and the beat goes on for Tom Brady" after a touchdown pass during the broadcast of the Cowboys-Patriots game. Really? The offense hadn't been thwarted like it was by Dallas defensive coordinator Rob Ryan all season. The Patriots resorted to going no-huddle for much of the game just to get things going. But give them, and specifically Brady, a heckuva lot of credit, for turning it on in the fourth quarter and winning a tough game that certainly wasn't the shootout we all expected it to be.

The Sporting News ranks them 3rd:  Wes Welker, the slot machine, had a season-low 45 receiving yards in the win over Dallas, but he still had a key TD and he's still on pace for 136 catches.

WEEI ranks them 3rd:  The improvement from the Patriots defense over the past couple of weeks has to be encouraging for Bill Belichick heading into the bye week. The pass rush is progressing and they’re getting off the field on third-down. This defense came up huge against the Cowboys and finally picked up the offense. Tom Brady and crew turned the ball over four times but the Pats D held Dallas to just six points on those turnovers. It’s a perfect time for a bye week for the Pats. Jerod Mayo, Albert Haynesworth and others can heal up and the defense can work on its problems before the team enters a tough stretch of games.

Pro Football Talk ranks them 3rd:  It’s hard to tell whether the bigger indignity would be to cut Chad Ochocinco, or to keep him and not use him.

Brian Billick (Fox Sports) ranks them 3rd:  Tom Brady wasn't at his best on Sunday, but they still held on for a sloppy win at home. This offense was brought back down to earth a little against Dallas, and the defense actually gained some confidence. Both are positives for this team in the long run.

SB Nation ranks them 3rd:  Ho-hum. The Patriots are en route to another 13 or 14 win season.

Peter King (SI) ranks them 4th:  Good to know you can call on the two-minute drill when you need it. The Patriots have been laying waste to so many teams they haven't needed to convert a crucial two-minute drive in a while. "We haven't had really a true two-minute situation at the end of the game where we needed a touchdown in a long time,'' Tom Brady said. But he had the 80-yard game-winner in him.

Posted Wednesday:

Don Banks (SI) ranks them 2nd:  In a six-game stretch that began in Week 5, Tom Brady and the Patriots offense will face defenses coordinated or built by Rex Ryan (twice), Rob Ryan, Dick LeBeau, Perry Fewell and Romeo Crennel, all of whom know him and what New England tries to accomplish pretty darn well. All that familiarity has a tendency to make for very close, hard-fought games, and the Patriots' squeaker at home over the Cowboys last Sunday was just the latest example of that.

Michael Silver (Yahoo! Sports) ranks them 2nd:  If he gets any less run in the Pats’ offense, will Chad Ochocinco change his name to “Mud”?

Cold Hard Football Facts ranks them 3rd:  Despite being on pace to throw 21.3 interceptions, Tom Brady’s passer rating is 104.8. Only Kurt Warner was able to top 100 in rating in a season where he threw 20+ INTs – in 2001, when his Rams lost to Brady’s Patriots in the Super Bowl. Bonus fact: Benjarvus Green-Ellis ran for 1,008 yards, 13 TDs and a 4.4 YPC average in 2010; in 2011 he’s on pace for 1,043 yards, 13 TDs and a 4.3 YPC average.



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