Post Game Thoughts


For the second week in a row it was the Brady Welker show and that combined with turnover free football and solid running from Law Firm and Riddler was enough for the 31-19 W.

What troubles me about this formula is there still really is no answer for when Welker and Gronk are taken away who does Brady throw the ball too. I saw Elderman getting quite a few snaps as the 3rd WR and Ocho got his two catches for 20 or so yards and Slater got his one deep target (that wasn't completed) and in total they got 3 catches for 37 yards as the 3rd Wideout. Very sub-par to say the least. Now we might not have needed big production from that spot this week, but trust me guys next week will be a different story. I have given up on Price getting any chance to play at that position outside of injuries because Bill has shown no signs that he isn't completely content with Brandon Tate production at 3rd WR. Maybe if we lose to the Jets and Ocho has another terrible game then maybe Bill thinks about it but I doubt it. I just want this team to fix one of it's only flaws in the passing game and it keeps on answering that problem with players that can't get separation or catch the ball consistently.



The Defense played better than last week only allowing 13 points deep into the 4th Quarter, but they still leave a lot to be desired. The pass rush is simply terrible, no ifs ands or buts about. McCourty still hasn't made one play on defense and I still consider him a liability in coverage. To sum up our defense played exactly like they played last year, soft conservative, and opportunistic heavily depending on the other team to make dumb mistakes which is setting us up to get torched by a team that can avoid dumb mistakes.

Special Teams:

Special Teams unit had an average. Ghost had a kickoff kicked Out of Bounds, they did let up a big return in garbage time, and Elderman didn't have many returns. STs was mostly a non-factor in this game.


Final Thought: There is still some potential for this defense to improve SLIGHTLY if they get healthy and play together more and have all their pieces, but don't expect this D to become much better than what the numbers say.

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