New England Patriots Links 10/27/11 - Brady: Against Steelers, 'It's All About Execution'

Bill Belichick addresses the media on the tough matchup Sunday in Pittsburgh.

Feels like we're back in the division again. The Steelers - [we] had a lot of chance to look at them here over the last few days - [we] got a jump on them last week. They look good as usual. [They're] well coached, good in all three phases of the game, real explosive team, can score from literally anywhere on the field: on defense with their strip sacks and turnovers and offensively and offensively and the kicking game with their explosive skill players. Their backs have had long runs, their receivers have had long passes, obviously particularly [Mike] Wallace. They've had big plays in the return game. They're a real solid team, well coached, good players. It's always a tough team to play. We have a lot of work to do here. We got a good start on yesterday and we'll try to build on that here through the next three days.

Is it safe to say that year-to-year they don't change much defensively?

Yeah, I'd say that and why should they? They lead the league in defense every year.

Tom Brady responds to a question asking him to explain the success he's had against Dick LeBeau's defense for years and years.

Like I said, it's just execution; it's guys getting open and us completing it. There's no special thing that we do. There's no magic dust we put in our cereal in the morning or anything like that. We just played really well. That does pretty well against any defense. Like I said, we've played them when we haven't played very well, like in 2008; we didn't play very well and they kicked the crap out of us and in 2004 they kicked the crap out of us. We have to go in expecting to play our best game. If we don't, it's a long hard day. If we do, we're confident that we can get the win.

They've played us pretty good a few times, too. We've had our moements and they've had their moments. I think we realize the kind of challenge that it is and we put a lot of time into the preparation and we put a lot of effort into understanding what we're trying to accomplish from a game plan standpoint and then we've executed well. It's a good defense; it's a very good defense. They're first in the league in pass defense and I know you probably don't care about that, but there pretty damn good if you ask me. 





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