New England Patriots Links 10/28/11 - Wilfork Prepared For 'Tough-Fought Football Game' vs. Steelers

Vince Wifork says the team is ready for a tough, physical game in Pittsburgh Sunday.

Vince Wilfork responds to a question about his increased playing time, and how that might diminish if Ron Brace and Brandon Deaderick are activated.

I don't know. I always want to be on the field regardless of how you slice it. Sometimes I can; sometimes I can't, depending on how many plays I've been out there or how I'm feeling at the time. Like I said, I always work hard towards conditioning. Being a big guy and playing a lot of snaps, you really don't see that around the league anymore because you have guys that can come in and give guys breaks at times. But I'm the type of person that I'm going to do whatever I can to stay on the field because I want to be on the field. I want to be out there in every situation. I know that sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, but I'm prepared for it. I love to play. I love to play because I think the more I'm on the field, the better chance for me to help my teammates. And vice versa, when I'm off the field, the guy whose in for me, I'm confident in [him] doing his job. I always want to play. I always want to be on the field, no matter how you slice. I'd play both ways if they let me but I don't think that would last too long at this level.

Andy Hart catches up with Brandon Spikes, who emphasized the importance of his improving comfort level and playing with the guys around him.

"Different players do different things. They have different strengths and weaknesses. So you just have to get used the guys," Spikes said of guys rotating in front of him like Vince Wilfork, Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Love.

"I feel like if I get a running start or get up some steam, I try to be disruptive," Spikes said with a smile. "But whatever I’m asked to do, if that’s what I’m asked to do, I try to do it to the best of my ability."

Ian Rapoport doesn't get much information from BenJarvus Green-Ellis on how much pain he has been playing with from his toe injury, but Benny knows how important those yards after contact are.

"That’s a question everyone has to answer," the former Ole Miss standout said. "Every athlete has to answer that for himself. There’s going to be bumps and bruises along the line. So, I’m straight."

"I don’t really go out there and try to tally up the number of plays or (yards)," Green-Ellis said. "Each and every play, I just go out there and try to compete."

"Once I get there, obviously, there’s 11 players out there who want to have the ball who are always trying to get to me," Green-Ellis said. "My mindset doesn’t change. When things come up, when people come up, I just deal with it when I get there. Whatever comes naturally, just make a decision and go."

"As far as breaking tackles or making guys miss in the open field or putting a shoulder down or running through a guy for a few extra yards, those yards definitely count."





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