Myths About Our Patriots

Hello all, and welcome to a thread that has nothing to do with the Steelers game. These will be outlined in the form of least-shocking to most shocking, and most are things I see the media/trolls from other teams posting that are entirely un-true.


1: Our rungame sucks. This is something I hear alot from non-Pats fans, and usually not even from the media. We have the best run game in the AFCE, a fact that alot of Jets fans like to ignore. We are not one-dimensional, with all three parts of the offense (Running, Passing, O-line) being above average.

2: Bill Belichick is a draft genus. This is not Bill-bashing, but rather simply pointing out facts. Nearly all of the 2009 draft was a disappointment, and the 2011 draft hasn't looked much better. Gronk and Hernandez are positive signs from 2010, but it is clear that BB does make mistakes, especially during drafts.

3: That not taking Clay Matthews was a mistake. Seriously, we got a bunch of picks for that deal - one of which turned into Gronk. I'd take Gronk over Clay any day, and thats not counting the additional picks we got as a bonus. It was a good deal for both sides, as there's no questioning the Packers also benefited.

4: That our defense sucks. In many ways it is true that our defense does suck, but that is looking at it based only on numbers. When you look at what it has done compare to what it needs to do, I'd say its at very least decent. Those who judge by yards allowed will be left concluding that our D is terrible, when, infact, keeping opponents out of the end-zone is the real goal. And even if they do that, few teams have scored 30 points on us. As long as our offense scores more then 30 points, which is perfectly reasonable to expect, and our D holds them to less then 30, we win. I think the D is a problem, but, under the right circumstances, I do believe we could go 19-0 with no changes to the defense.

5: That because we did well in 2008 without Brady, that must mean its the team and not Brady who is responsible for our success. Those who say that are clearly not looking at our 2008 schedule - that year we played both the AFC and NFC west. Add to that four bills and dolphins games, and we've 11 guaranteed wins.

6: That the past few years have been playoff disappointments. I see it so many times - I'm debating with a Jets fan, calmly demolishing their argument like the Pats demolished their team in week 13 of 2010. When defeated and left with no response, the Jet will stammer "but.. but.. but you're team hasn't won a playoff game since 2007! You can't be better then we are!" and proceed to run to the corner of his room and cry.

Now, technically, it is true. We haven't won a playoff game since 2007, but looking deeper proves thats not all that bad. Against the Giants, that game should have been ours we out-played them, but, at the end of the day, the better team did not win. In 2008, we obviously didn't have Brady. As to why this matters, just ask the Colts of 2011 how easy it is to win a playoff game without you're starting QB. In 2009, we had no Welker, and little to play for - lets be honest: we weren't going to win the SB that year. The only real loss was in 2010, which could possibly have just been an off day. I wouldn't be surprised if it was like when we lost to the Browns or Bills - its just that it happened in the playoffs. Am I disappointed? Yes. But should Patriot fans be worried about their recent playoff performances? I say no.

7: That the 2007 Superbowl was a choke. To disprove this all you have to look at is the final game of our 16-0 season - the one where we beat the Giants 38-35. That is a one-possession game. That is a game that either team could have won, and both teams had a lead in at some point. Clearly the Patriots and Giants are, while not having equal records, equal opponents, and the fact that they won is not at all surprising. 

8: That all the Patriots success has been because of spygate. To counter this, I'll finish out my post by listing what Brady alone has accomplished since spygate:

Most consecutive regular season home wins, Most touchdown passes in a single season, Most touchdown passes, regular season and postseason combined, Most touchdown passes in a single quarter, Largest interception differential, Highest touchdown to interception differential in a single season, Most regular-season games with 3 or more touchdown passes, Most consecutive games games with 2 or more touchdown passes and no interceptions, 2nd highest all-time single season QB rating, Highest single-game QB rating, Most consecutive pass attempts without an interception, Largest interception to completion ratio in a single season, Highest single-game completion percentage, and more, less-notable records.

And what the team has accomplished:

x1 defensive rookie of the year, x2 MVPs, x2 coach of the years, x2 division titles, x2 number-1 seeds, x2 years finishing with the best record in the league, x4 10+ win seasons, and more, less-notable accomplishments.

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