New England Patriots Links 10/05/11 - Pepper Johnson Doesn't Cross The Line

Bill Belichick talks with the media about the upcoming Jets game.

Well, it's a division game, so of course it's a big game - all the division games are. This is the next one, so we'll put everything we've got into this one. Then when it's over, we'll take a look at it, move on and put everything we've got into next week. Obviously, it's an important game, we'll do the best we can this week to maximize our preparation opportunities and be ready to go on Sunday.

We're mostly just trying to go out there and play well on Sunday. That's what we try to do every week. We've won plenty of games in the past, we've lost some. Those games really don't have much bearing on this one.

Bill O'Brien address how important to be balanced and what the run game allows them to do.

We always try to stay balanced. Whatever our game plan personnel groupings are for that game, we will always try to have a good mix of run and pass and when you're able to run the ball, you're able to set up a number of different things off of that - play-action being obviously one of them. You're just able to balance up your offense and keep the defense guessing as to what you're going to do.

Pepper Johnson responds to questions about the play of the line and the pass rush through the first four games and if it has been what he hoped for so far.

Yes, and some. We're getting a lot of good plays and a lot of productive plays from some guys that are playing some techniques and are doing some things that they're not normally used to doing or accustomed to doing. It's kind of hard teaching some old dogs new tricks, but we have some guys that are buying into the system and working at it, working hard to try to do some of the things that we ask them to do.

I'm a little more than satisfied [with the pass rush]. I'm quite sure the question has spawned from stats and not really detail of watching the game. I'm watching our guys do what we're asking them to do. We're actually hitting the quarterback. We're just not coming up with the sacks. Can we get there sooner? I don't know - to come up with the sack. I'm not much of a stat person. I just know how we have been affecting some throws. We've been getting as much pressure as we possibly can from the situations that we are in.

I think the more [the new guys] get acclimated, the more comfortable they will play. The more comfortable they're playing, [the] more confident. You start seeing guys playing a lot more aggressively. We have a lot of playmakers. We have some guys that can make some plays. You would see a little more of that when guys become more accustomed to what we're doing and what we're asking them to do. No, I'm not going to pile more on their plate. We just want them to do it more aggressively, more often, with a lot more consistency.





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