After Further Review of Sunday's Game...

The following thoughts;

The Bad:

Some Secondary issues.  CB McCourty's coverage wasn't great again.  Much of that scary first drive by the Jets an be attributed to him.  Much that that successful 2nd half drive by the Jets can be blamed on CB Antwaun Molden who looked inconsistent.

LDE Shaun Ellis wasn't great again in either run d or pass d and appears to be an FA bust.  I think it's age at this point.  Just can't make plays like he used to.    I expect him to see fewer snaps now that we've swept the series against this old team.

C Dan Connolly is still average or below average at center.   Before you consider it, Marcus Cannon is too huge to play center,  This position remains my top concern as it is vital for a strong run game.  Also, I counted two imperfect-snaps in the past two games.

The Good News:

No Gary Guyton or Sergio Brown.

LB Tracy White improved from last game.  Jeff Tarpinian did okay in his first start for a guy being thrown into the fire like that.   Ninkovich has improved in coverage.   All three are much better than Gary Guyton.

CB Phillip Adams did pretty good and while Antwaun Molden was inconsistent he did have some good coverage mixed in with the bad.  Molden didn't look worse than McCourty.

For the Safeties, Sterling Moore looked like he should start opposite Patrick Chung.   Sure he knocked out McCourty, but hey, Ihedigbo also ran into McCourty.     Ihedigbo wasn't horrible but we're done with his old team for now.   All three are much better than Sergio Brown.

Mark Anderson's snap count increased beyond subpackages and that is why Andre Carter had the game that he had.   Sanchez could see Anderson coming at him from his right on multiple occasions, reacting to that and then getting caught by Andre Carter coming at his blindside.   Without Anderson, Carter doesn't have the day that he has.    A RDE is an LDE's best friend.   He wasn't stellar against the run, but Anderson's struggles against the run were at times linked with Wilfork's unWilfork day.

The no-huddle offense looked great.   In fact, Brady looks best when he is dictating the game.

Matthew Slater is still awesome.   Pats special-teams did a great job containing one of the best return games in the league.

Chad Ochocinco earned himself a chance for more snaps.   On several occasions he showed the ability to take the head off of a defense.

Much of the YAC of Ocho's big 53 yard catch can be attributed to Wes Welker's impressive blocking.  So underrated.

Deion Branch proved he can still beat coverage by 3rd/4th CBs.

If Gronk hadn't stepped out of bounds for that would-be TD, that would have been amongst Brady's best plays ever in his entire career.

Lessons of the game:

Don't forget the no-huddle and don't forget Mark Anderson. 

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