Thoughts About Other Teams

Hi - during the break between Thanksgiving and Sunday, I thought I'd post some thoughts about non-Patriot teams.


So, as I just got done watching the Lions and Packers, I'll start with them.

The thing I don't like about the Packers is the way the media over-hypes them and Rodgers. NFL.Com displays the headline "11-wow" on their front page, referring to the Packers undefeated record. Me, I don't see any wow - their schedule is quite easy, with Detroit being probably the best defensive team they'll face.

Not only that, but the Packer's own defense is average at best. Are they the best team right now? Probably. Are they the best team of all time? Not even close. McCarthy is no Bill Belichick, no Jim Harbaugh, and probably not even a Jim Schwartz.

As for Rodgers, I'm not quite sure what to make of him - sure, he puts up big numbers, but how often do you see him dodging defenders and then completing a perfect pass like Brady did to Gronk against the Jets? How often do you see him stand tall in the pocket and force a pass into triple coverage as the pass-rush barrels down like Manning did? He's good, but, like the Packers, not as good as the media makes him out to be.

With that said, I do admire his ability to not throw interceptions.


Now, onto the Lions. Rex Ryan said that Sanchez's timeout against the Patriots was the dumbest play in NFL history, and I disagree. Rather, the dumbest play in NFL history would have to be Suh's goal-line unsportsman like conduct penalty that turned the tables on the game.

During a play in which the Lions forced a in-completion which would make it 4th down, (which is a considerable accomplishment, considering the Packers were within the 5) Suh proceeded to shove a lineman's head into the turf three times, drawing a flag. It was an uncalled for cheapshot, gave the Packers a new set of downs, as well as got him, Detroit's best defensive player, ejected from the game.

This type of thing seems all too common with Detroit, unfortunately. They seem to take it personally with every team they play, playing as though like they are a divisional rivals with playoff hopes on the line. I've never seen a team get in as many fights and play with such a "mean streak" as they do - and it seems like it consistently backfires, as it did this game.

The Packers seem, if possible, even more calm and emotionless then the Patriots, while the Lions might just be more aggressive and in-your-face then the Jets.


Now, speaking of the Jets, I still believe they will make the playoffs. Sanchez, for whatever reason, seems to rise to the occasion during playoff games. If they are approaching the rest of their season as though it is the playoffs, then he has no reason to fail and every reason to succeed - especially considering their schedule, which includes at most one losable game. Tebow is like Vick - he can "happen" to the best of us, and, while bad for the Jet's record, doesn't mean they are a worse team then the Broncos and their WWII-era offense.

Despite this, I don't think the Jets can win the SB. Ground and Pound is designed to control, not to win. In the modern day, pass happy, not-WWII-era NFL, your not going to get far on running alone. Oh, and the Jets have o-line problems, making it possible that the Ground and Pound isn't even an option. Without Sanchez giving 120%, every game, they just aren't a good team.


And finally, just a few random thoughts:

Bills are collapsing. Their season was luck, and, though they are getting better, they're nowhere near as good as they looked earlier.

Bengal, your time is coming, but its not here yet. They will miss the playoffs.

Lets hope Adrian Peterson gets healthy.

As Lyndsy Petruny tweeted, (you should follower her if you aren't already) nice of the Dolphins offense to show up 2/3rds of the way through the season.

I was never a believer, but now I think the Colts may really find a way to go 0-16.

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