New England Patriots Links 11/29/11 - Colts Week Just Isn't The Same

Bill Belichick explains what went into the decision to play Tiquan Underwood over Taylor Price on Sunday.

What went into it was Tiquan played more than Taylor did.

Tom Brady explains what made him so angry on the sideline after the missed field goal.

 I think it was the missed opportunity. We had a first-down pass that I was trying to throw to Wes that we just didn’t connect on which we should have, because there was a play there to be made. The second-down play, I had Aaron Hernandez open and the ball got batted up in the air. And then the third-down play, I thought we had a chance to complete that one. I could have made a better audible, too. You look at three plays, on consecutive plays, where we really have an opportunity to go in at halftime with a good lead, with a lot of momentum, and we get no points. So, I think that was the frustrating part for me. Did we kick the field goal? We may have kicked a field goal on that drive. But situations like that where that does really frustrate me because I thought, man, we’ve got a chance to — Oh, I know what it was: I threw it to Wes on third-and-11 and we had a chance to complete it, and the ball got caught in the lights.

Really, it’s just overall execution. I feel like as a quarterback, I don’t care who we’re playing. I don’t care the situation we’re in. If we have a chance to make a play and we don’t, with me throwing the ball to Wes or me throwing the ball to Deion or Aaron or Rob, who I have a lot of familiarity with, it’s frustrating for me. And it’s frustrating for those guys, too. It’s frustrating for our offense. Because I don’t expect, and none of us do, those kinds of mistakes that we make. Those are the things that we need to continue to work on and clean up. And that only comes with solid execution in practice. And then it becomes really reality in the game. We have to continue to go out there in practice and work on those things.




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