New England Patriots Links 11/07/11 - Brady: 'We're Going to Keep Fighting'

Kenny Phillips tries one sure way to bring down Rob Gronkowski, who scored the go-ahead TD in the 4th.

Bill Belichick didn't have much to say at his post-game presser, but sounded especially disappointed at the way it ended.

[On the offense being a big part of the game]  It was a hard-fought game and it came down to the last few seconds. We just came up a play or two short, that's all - across the board.

[On moving forward to the Jets and what kind of adjustments can be made this week]  I don't know. We just put everything we had into this game. The game's been over for 10 minutes. We'll start working the Jets tomorrow and work on the Jets all week and get ready for the Jets. We really haven't been working on the Jets; we just finished the Giants game.

Tom Brady answers questions about Sunday's loss, on WEEI this morning.

"We not going to sit here and feel bad for ourselves," Brady said this morning on WEEI. "We’re 5-3. Is it where we want to be? No. But rather than make excuses and point fingers, we’re all going to go out and try to perform better. … After eight games, it’s not where we want to be, where we expected to be. But we’re the only people who can do anything about it. We’re not going to bitch and complain and point fingers. Try to see if we can do a better job."

"I wish I’d completed more passes. There were plays out there that I could’ve hit. Those are the ones I think about. They made a lot of plays, it’s a good defense. We’re going to keep fighting, that’s what we’ve always done. We’ve got to get back to winning, making more good plays than bad plays. There are a lot of things I need to do better. When I’m driving home last night, that’s what I’m thinking about. What I need to do to help our team win."

Brian Waters doesn't think this loss is a reason for the team to lack confidence.

"There's no reason for us to lack confidence. This is a good football team. I've been on some losing football teams, some really bad ones. This isn't one of them. This is a good football team. We're going to fight it out all 16 games and see where it lays after that."




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