So does releasing Haynesworth mean the return to the 3-4?

A few of us may think so.


Let me spew out some random thoughts on this:


  1. Who will play the Ends? We have Wilfork in the middle, does this mean that Deadrick will be our LE/RE, and that Brace will see an increase in role at the other side? Or will Shaun Ellis do better as a 3-4 End? Is Gerard Warren up to the task?
  2. Will Cunningham start? he was victim to having others in front of him on the 4-3 DE depth chart, and he will be a prime candidate at OLB in the 3-4. On the other side, Nink would be expected to start, or would it be Andre Carter (Don't know how his coverage skills are anyways)?
  3. Would this increase our ability to cover, while sacrificing our ability to get pressure, or will our OLBs surprise us, and will BB produce more blitzes to help generate pressure?

Personally, this is just VERY early speculation. I like the idea of moving back to a 3-4, only because I think we would be utilising our speed from our LBs to make plays. But in all honesty, I highly doubt this will happen.


Kyle Love has been very good for us next to wilfork. While not nearly as much as producing as Hanyes would have, but he does well there. Deadrick looked great on the outside in the 4-3. Those are mainly my reasons. I don't think BB would change defensive scheme mid-season, despite most of our players on defense pretty much already know the 3-4 scheme anyways.


But I like the idea of it. It should increase coverage in the middle of the field, you can be more creative with blitzes. It should showcase Cunningham most likely fully healthy, When spikes is healthy he will be in the middle next to mayo, and Nink will be rotating on the other side with Carter and Maybe Anderson. While increasing coverage in the middle most likely, with Spikes next to Mayo our run defense in the middle should be fine. The only thing I may be worried about is our front 3. Warren and wilfork will be the likely candidates for the End and NT, and I suppose Deadrick/Brace will do fine on the other side. But what would the ultimate picture be?


I don't think BB would do it, but what do you think?

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