Thoughts After the Game...

Fair warning, was experiencing drama with the opposite sex during parts of the game and did not get to watch it as closely as usual.

The Front D:

Probably the most important key to this game was containing Roy Helu. He wasn't contained. Need to review tape to figure out who was most resposible. Helo got over two-dozen carries for an average of almost 5 yards an attempt. Royster picked up another half-dozen himself with a remarkable average of over 7 yards per attempt. Don't you miss Brandon Spikes?

The pressure on Grossman was good at times but non-existent at other times. Then again, with the BS roughing-the-passer calls on both sides...

Andre Carter had a decent homecoming. A strip-sack returned by Wilfork for a TD isn't bad. A BS roughing-the-passer call on him was just that; BS. Could have been argued that he was pushed towards Grossman's legs, and even then, wasn't the ball thrown before the hit? Why does the hit take away the interception? I guess the refs decided to make it up to us with a bogus flag on Redskins MLB London Fletcher for roughing Tom Brady with an arm allegedly to the head.

Brandon Deaderick looks like a better pass-rusher from the LDE position than Shaun Ellis has been thoughout the year. Need to review his performance against the run.

Oh that secondary!

Devin McCourty was getting picked on before his injury and now after. Thought he had some good flashes towards the end and I thought bad officiating took that interception away.

Ihedigbo didn't look great even when he wasn't looking seriously injured. Chung is needed.

Need to review to get a better idea of how Jones, Edelman, and Slater did.

The Offense;

Thought the RBs should have had more chances. Woodhead had a great game and the rest did well with the worst performance by Faulk being just shy of 4 yards per attempt. Wendell looks like the best Center we've had since Dan Koppen.

Improved run-blocking and good pass-protection(0 sacks) from the O-Line.

Inconsistent play from Tom Brady despite the lack of sacks.

7 different Patriots caught balls from Tom Brady. Only 3 of them caught more than one throw. Deion Branch had another 0-catch performance.

Gronk. Nuff said.

In conclusion;

Trap-game potential aside, this game should have never been so close. Just like the last game.

Your thoughts/complaints/praises about the game?

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