Tom Brady vs Tim Tebow

Tom Brady vs Tim Tebow

As is the tendency of many folks who have seen a lot of football and a lot of quarterbacks play, they tend to focus on the current performance of a veteran, superstar quarterback when comparing it to the performance of a relative newcomer, when the more apt comparison should be to compare their performances at equal points in their career.

So with that in mind here are the comparable stats between Tom Brady after 11 starts in 2001 and Tim Tebow after 11 starts so far in his career as we approach the Patriots-Broncos game this Sunday:

-----------------------------TOM BRADY-------------------TIM TEBOW

WINS-LOSSES------------ 8-3------------------------------ 8-3

OVERTIME RECORD-----1-0-----------------------------3-0

4TH QTR COMEBACKS-- 2-------------------------------6


COMPLETION %-----------65.8%------------------------48.9%



TOUCHDOWN PASSES--16-----------------------------16



PASSER RATING-------90.7---------------------------83.4

4TH QTR PR-----------82.1---------------------------101.7

RUSHING TD'S----------0------------------------------ 9

FUMBLES LOST-------3------------------------------- 3


1) I would say three of the biggest surprises when comparing Brady and Tebow in their first 11 starts as a NFL quarterback is their identical win-loss record, the almost identical passing yards/attempt number and that each threw 16 TD passes, especially with the myth that Tebow can't throw. Did you know that Tebow has only gone one game in his 11 starts(against the Jets) without throwing a TD pass.

2) Frankly I am surprised that Tebow had fewer sacks than Brady (Tebow was sacked 14 times over two games against the Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions) and also fewer interceptions in his first 11 starts. Remember Brady holds the record from the beginning of his career without throwing a pick (162 attempts) but after throwing his first 4 interceptions against the Denver Broncos in his fifth start, he threw another 5 picks in his next 6 starts.

Regarding Tebow by throwing only 5 picks in his first 11 starts (Rodgers had 6). Tebow now boasts the lowest interception/attempts ratio for any QB in his first 11 starts at .0179. And that current career mark is currently the best in NFL history.

But Tom Brady did set a NFL record by throwing 358 passes without an interception which I predict will never be broken, even by Tim Tebow.

3) We see that Tom Brady is clearly a far more accurate QB than Tebow and probably Tebow will never come close to matching Brady's accuracy in his career. But let me remind you that John Elway was a 57% passer, Terry Bradshaw only completed 52% of his passes and Johnny Unitas only managed to boast a 55% completion percentage and they are all in the Hall of Fame.There is more than one way to skin a cat or to play quarterback at a very high level.

4) And one of the stats that helps Tebow to bridge the gap on more accurate QB's is his 4th quarter passer rating. Among active NFL quarterbacks Tebow's career 101.7 passer rating is only 0.2 behind leader Tony Romo. Aaron Rodgers currently sits at 96.2, Brady 90.7, Brees at 88,1 and Roethlisberger at 86.6. And among quarterbacks drafted in the 2006 draft class or later and who have at least 10 starts in the NFL (Bradford, Dalton, Stafford, McCoy, Ryan, newon, Gabbert, Sanchez, Freeman etc.) only Joe Flacco is within 14 points of Tebow and all the others are roughly 20 points or more behind.

There is definitely a correlation between winning games and a quarterback boasting a very high fourth quarter passer rating.

5) We have all the heard the phrase, "Baby, it's all about winning." Well as of now since the 1970 NFL merger, Tom Brady boasts the best winning percentage--77.6% (121 wins in 156 regular season starts). Guess who now is ensconced in second spot for the time being among active QB's who have started at least 10 games: Tim Tebow at 72.7%. And since the merger Tebow is currently only behind Brady and Roger Staubach (74.6%). If Tebow and the Broncos can beat the Pats on Sunday (a big if), Tebow will move into second spot all-time.

Now why do I cite these various stats: To show you how ludicrous the claims made by Tebow critics or haters that suggest that Tebow is not worthy to start or is a legitimate NFL quarterback. The numbers don't lie; they are all from the NFL. Aesthetically Tebow may not be as pleasing to watch as Brady but to deny the close comparison in their first 11 starts is to deny reality and continue to live in the world of make-believe.

In other words Tebow is a pup compared to Brady. Instead of being compared to elite QB's, instead he should be compared with his contemporaries and when you examine those numbers you will see Tebow compares quite favorably.

6) Finally here are come other comparisons between the 2001 Patriots and the 2011 Broncos:

a) Both had Lonnie Paxton on their teams.

b) Both teams were considered or predicted to be cellar-dwellers by the pundits before the change of quarterback was made during the sseason.

c) Both teams saw their defenses make drastic improvements over the course of the season.

d) Both teams had a great kicking game and special teams.

e) The Pats of 2001 had rookie Richard Seymour; the Broncos of 2011 have rookie Von Miller. The Pats of 2001 had Ty Law; the Broncos have Champ Bailey

f) Both head coaches Bill Belichick (Pats) and John Fox (Broncos) were in a down cycle in their coaching careers.

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