Jack'sAxe keys to the game review!

Protect Brady- The broncos front line are very good at getting to the QB, and have a very good pass defense overall. To counter this, we must spread them out, and throw quick passes. I want to see some SCREEN passes here Mr. BooB. Nate Solder and Light will be up against two great pass rushers in Dumerville, and Von Miller, who the Bronco fans have dubbed VonDoom as a pass rushing duo. They are, imo, more talented than Freeny and Mathis of the Colts. We may need Gronkandez (Gronk and Herndo. I don't normally say that, but in a way that's our duo on the offense and some people have mentioned that little name before) to help block on occasion.

Well apparently they didn't need any help too often from Gronk or Herndo. They were too busy catching passes.

Light and Solder both handled very good pass rushers all season, but I thought today they would have their hands full. Well they handled their assignments very well, and even though the stat says that Brady was sacked twice, those were pretty much the only bad plays by the OL overall. Von and Doom were practically SILENT throughout the game.

Spread them out- Champ is still good. Don't throw too much to Champ. They have capable LBs that can cover guys, so Gronk and Herndo will be important factors in the passing game. Look for John Fox to try and scheme against Gronk and Welker the most, so Branch, Ocho, and Herndo will be our Aces.

A. Hernandez 9 129 1 46
R. Gronkowski 4 53 0 38
W. Welker 4 41 0 19
C. Ochocinco 1 33 1 33T
B. Green-Ellis 2 32 0 21
T. Underwood 1 13 0 13
D. Woodhead 1 12 0 12
J. Edelman 1 7 0 7

Not bad if you ask me. I don't think they threw to champ too often. Fox schemed against Gronk and Welker, so the only Ace I named out of the 3 (one of them out of the game anyways) was Hernandez. Up there I have said that Gronk and Herndo will be important factors yesterday, and they lead our receivers with a combined 13/23 passes and 182/320 total passing yards. And Herndo was a great, important ace in this game.

Power running game- They are only okay against the run. I say this is the most important factor for us in the game. We CAN'T let them get us one dimensional, and only pass the ball. Take advantage of their run defense. Set up the power running game with Gronk and Herndo helping to block and pave the way for BJGE and Woody. This is, imo, a key strategy in winning Sunday's game, or at least getting points on the board.

Our RBs did fairly well in the running game. Well pretty much Ridley and Woody. Ridley got 11 carries for 65 yards, and Woody got 40 yards and 7 carries and a TD (I love how people under-rate him). BJGE didn't get into a grrove till later in the game, but Ridley eventually took the running role away from him.

Don't let Tebow complete deep passes- The one thing I don't want is for Tebow to get quick scores, or get into the red zone quickly. Our defense cannot afford to play like they did yesterday. They must do well enough to give the our offense chances to score points. We run a bend but don't break defense, and that's what worries me particularly for this game. Tebow is a threat himself in the redzone, and I would like for BB to scheme a more aggressive defense in forcing tebow to make questionable throws. He is still raw in that department, although improving, so I think it will be best if we force Tebow to beat us through the Air. Which leads me to my next key:

There were times when we should have sacked tebow but failed. Tevow is a big guy, so I sort of expected he'd break a few tackles. However, disregarding the first quarter (which looked to have spawned my worries), and andre carter getting injured, the pats defense stepped up nicely for the majority of the game. Our front seven in the 3-4 got consistent pressure on Tebow, McCourty played a solid game, and the defense came up with two out of 3 key fumbles that helped set up 10 extra points for the pats. Those fumbles boosted our team's morale, and did the opposite for the broncos. Good job defense, and may you keep being good for us please. :)

Contain Tebow, and force him to pass: This could go hand in hand with the post above. They have a running game going on, so our top 10 run defense must put together a solid game. I hope to see Fletcher start again, but more importantly, I REALLY hope Spikes returns for this game, because I think we need him the most for this game alone. Stop the run, and force Tebow to pass. Don't let them wear out our defense through the running game. Wilfork and Anderson should have good games on Sunday.

Our run defense was less than stellar today. Though it was against the #1 rushing team. BUt we did what we had to do in the end. When the Broncos were down by 3 scores, they HAD to pass the ball to keep up, and that's how we ultimately (the fumbles were also key in a way) won the game. Besides a couple long runs, we contained tebow, and forced him to pass to win the game.

Anderson had a great day yesterday, but that may have been the result of Carter getting injured.

Pats- 34


So close. One TD away for the pats, and only 3 points off from the broncos.

Watching the pats offense is a thing of beauty. Love how Brady can just find the open receiver easily. I think our defense is one safety away from being very good (and thats assuming the FS is really good as well). Arrington is alright, and had an okay game today, but ultimately, a safety will do us good in the future.

I also hope to see more of the 3-4 in the ear future as well. We seem to be getting the most pressure from it, and our LBs are athletic enough to cover the pass. Wish to see Cunningham though.

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