New England Patriots Links 12/02/11 - Wilfork: Colts Still Rivalry Game With or Without Manning

Vince is looking forward to facing the Colts - and yet another unknown quarterback - on Sunday.

Vince Wilfork responds to a question about what playing the Colts means to him.

It's a rivalry game. Like you said, the record doesn't mean anything to us. This is the National Football League and we know any given Sunday, a team is going to try their best, especially against us, to try to wear us out and beat us up to prove a point. We're always walking around with a target. One thing we have to do is, we have to be ready to go; start fast and finish fast. That's one of things that we put an emphasis on is being able to put a whole game together, not just 48 minutes or 58 minutes, but 60 minutes of good football together. That's our goal.

Really, it's not about the record; it's really not. We're not looking at the record; we're looking at a Colts team that, over the years, always played us tough. Guys get injured all the time, you play with injuries all the time, you play with key players sometimes that aren't out [there], so we're not looking at that as an issue for us. We're looking at how well we can play as a football team, the New England Patriots, how well we can play on Sunday. That's what it's going to be all about: who can play the best football on Sunday. Records have nothing to do with it. That's our goal, that's definitely our goal – to start fast and finish strong. If we can do that, we'll be okay.

Ian Rapoport reports Brian Waters says what makes the Patriots a good team is how they respond to crushing defeats as well as resounding wins.

"I just think we’re a good football team," Waters said. "We still got a long way to go. And there’s a lot of season left before you’re at the point where you can call yourself championship-level or not. But we got a good football team. And if you can grow upon that, I think you got a chance of doing really well."

"The professional is the one that really carries this thing over differently than where I’ve been before."

"That’s where you find out what type of team you have," Waters said. "What happens after the big wins and what happens after the great defeats. To bounce back and not allow that to get you off-track, that shows a great attitude for this team."

Eric Adelson interviews RB Fred Taylor, who touched on the difference between his former coaches Jack Del Rio, Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin.

"Ninety percent of my enjoyment in New England was due to Coach Belichick -- the respect he demanded," Taylor says. "If you were the vet or the first-year guy, he yelled at you the same, chewed you out the same. Same thing with Coach Coughlin."





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