Haterade vs. Kool Aid

It has come to my attention that there are two schools of thought on PP... those who are optimistic (the Kool Aid drinkers) and those who see only despair and darkness (the Hateraders)

I'll begin this thread with an excerpt from Kipling's "If", as it gives some useful context.

"If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same"

My argument is this: Pats fans should be almost entirely positive. Why? I'll explain

1. It's sport. Yes, we get emotional about sport, but how does being negative about your team make you feel better? If you sink into a pit of despair over every loss, let alone every completion, what does it give you? Nothing. It is far, far healthier to have an optimistic approach and enjoy it for what it is. Yes, I get down when we lose, but I don't try to put that negativity onto others. Nobody likes someone who is constantly down.

2. We are pretty f**king good. We have won 23 of our last 29 games. Yes. There are 32 teams in the NFL. The vast majority of them are WORSE than us. We are currently equal first in the AFC (which includes HALF the entire NFL) and we are leading our division.

Almost every other team would KILL FOR OUR RECORD. We have the best offense in the league (well, there or there abouts) and one of the best turnover differentials. We are playing in the very hardest football league in the world and we are constantly amongst the very best teams. Which brings me to...

3. Man, you people have ridiculous expectations. 32 teams. 1 wins a Superbowl. My maths isn't great but that's roughly a 3% chance. A lot of you are unsatisfied with anything less than a Superbowl (and winning every game 49-0). We are basically the millionaires of the NFL and you're not happy because you only have one Bentley, not too. Spoiled brats, to be honest. Whining, squalling little kids who have no idea what Panthers/Colts/Browns fans go/are going through. Maybe count your blessings before calling for Belichick's head. And that leads me to...

4. Data points, not series. As part of your ridiculous sense of self entitlement, all you can do is whine about individual negative plays. I work in performance. Performance is about a series of data, not a point. You have to realise that points are points - and as Kipling put it, you can't get too up or down about them (like a long completion or even a SINGLE GAME). You measure trends, and 23/29 is a pretty freaking good trends.

Imagine if fans of worse teams were as negative as we are, adjusted for proportionality. Every single post on every single Colts thread would be death threats against Curtis Painter.

Get some perspective. And try the Kool Aid - it tastes a lot better than the Haterade.

QO. Out.

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