New England Patriots Links 12/06/11 - Theme For The Season's Final Quarter: Staying Focused

Brady points to which part of the body he wants the team to keep in motion, heading into the final four games of the season.

Bill Belichick addresses the media the day after the win over the Colts.

We went through the film here this morning; looked at it with the team this afternoon. I think we saw some good things yesterday; saw some other things that weren't so good. Hopefully we'll be able to put together 60 minutes of good football. That's our goal every week.

[We weren't running a 'prevent' defense in the fourth quarter]. No, we were running the same offense and the same defensive plays. Other than the last drive offensively and the last drive defensively, it was the same thing we did all game. Couldn't make a first down in the fourth quarter, couldn't keep them out of the end zone in the fourth quarter. They just did a better job than we did.

Tom Brady is asked how he felt about Sunday's performance.

Well, it’s just our inconsistency that’s showed up from time to time this year. We’ve really yet to play a 60-minute game. I’d really love to see what the outcome is if we do play a 60-minute game. But there’s things that haven’t really allowed us to be able to do that. And hopefully, we can get those things straightened out here going into this week’s game. We’ve won four straight. We had two pretty tough losses back to back six weeks ago. And then we’ve won four straight. We’re in a good position. We’ve obviously got some huge games ahead. What more could you ask for in the middle of December to be leading your division by a couple of games and really could put a lot of pressure if we go out and win this week on the competition?

Andre Carter talks about Bill Belichick turning receivers into part-time defensive backs.

"I never experienced anything like this throughout my career," Carter said. "This is actually a first for me, seeing guys that probably weren’t even on an NFL team end up getting signed and starting, to having guys on special teams, guys on the offensive side of the ball trying to help out or contribute. That’s just something that the coaches have faith in each individual and we just know that whoever’s back there, the front four or the seven-man in general, we’ve got to get there to help the guys out."





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