Patriots vs. Redskins, Keys to the Game

While trying to avoid the obvious...

Silence the home crowd.

It's an early game so the fans shouldn't be too lubed up. Prevent them from getting into the game so the Pats can run the no-huddle without a lot of crowd noise.

Contain Roy Helu and Santana Moss.

Right now, the Redskins have only two available weapons on offense. TE Fred Davis is suspended and will not be playing. RB Helu and WR Moss, however, will both be playing. Helu is probably more important in terms of taking away an offense's best weapon as their QB is suspect and Helu has shown signs of explosiveness and was the only RB they used against the Jets. Helu caught 4 catches, the same number that the Redskins 2nd, 3rd, and 4th WRs combined for. Skins look thin after Davis/Moss/Helu. Captain of the front Vince Wilfork had his best game in awhile against the Colts O-line and a repeat performance from him will make it very hard for the Redskins to run the ball. It helps that Mayo is looking like his old self again..

Pressure Grossman.

Preferably with the best that can be squeezed out of a 3 or 4 man front. Blitzes are sexy but pressure from a prouf few allows more guys to cover the pass. RDE Andre Carter will be making his return to Washington and he'll have his chance to pick on the Redskins Left Tackle- whoever it's going to be. What we do know is that it won't be their starting LT Trent Wlliams, who is suspended just like Fred Davis presumably for toking up together. He'll benefit from help from up the middle from Wilfork and Love, and especially from off the other edge by either Ninkovich or Anderson.

Run down the clock.

Run-blocking has been suspect for the Pats. What isn't suspect is the talent in their RB corps which is deep with the Lawfirm, Faulk, Woodhead, Vereen, and Ridley. Logan Mankins might have had one of his best games of the season against the Colts and he can hopefully build off of that. RT Nate Solder will not have to deal with the short-for-a-DE Mathis this week, so hopefully he'll have a better game all around including in run-blocking. Pats need to be better about draining time off of the clock,

Finish the game.


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