Hill and Cameron O - Mocking the draft

You guys have made a very good job so far after two rounds of the draft (that lasts for 5 rounds right?).

Here's my take on your picks so far (if anyone's interested)...

17th pick - Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State

To some this is a reach but I wouldn't mind Sherrod at all. I think he represents a very safe pick as a bookend left tackle prospect. He could start and perform well from day one and enables us to keep Vollmer at right tackle. This is a very good pick in order to re-stock our offensive line for the future. Some will argue that Solder, Smith and Castonzo would have been better choices but I don't see it. While Solder and Smith might have a higher ceiling their floor is a lot lower than Sherrod's. Solid start!

28th pick - Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado

This is the pick that beats me. I think he could be available later if we really like him. While a great CB duo is intriguing I'm not too familiar with Smith. Also, Leigh Bodden comes back. We need more pressure up-front and I would have liked a pick made in the front-7 early. A lot of Pulpiteers seem to like Smith though. Can you convince me?

33rd pick - Phil Taylor, DT, Baylor

This could be the best pick of the draft! Taylor was a force at the Senior Bowl and I agree with Hill's reasoning (that it would open up a lot of looks for us defensively when pairing Wilfork an Taylor upfront). A case could be made for Muhammad Wilkerson here as well since he was available. This pick would give us power and (surprisingly much for Taylor's size) athelticism up-front. Love it!

60th pick - John Moffitt, OG, Wisconsin

Classic BB-style pick. Unspectacular pick that some (idiots) would call a reach. A very versatile lineman. With Sherrod already picked and Moffitt we have the beginning of a new great line added. If we can re-sign Mankins we would start Sherrod-Mankins-Koppen-Moffitt-Vollmer in all likelihood. That's one heck of a line that would enable our offense to be dominant.

In summary: It is a very solid draft so far. The bad part of it is that it has failed to adress our need for a pass-rusher. Hence, we would need to work free-agency or the coming round well to address that need. What guys are left to look for in round 3?

Jeremy Beal? Dontay Moch? Steven Friday?

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