#17: Stay, Go or Move Up

So as we are swirling around mock drafts, players we like or don't like I thought it would be interesting to take a poll of who feels what should happen with the 17th pick.

There are three simple actions that can be taken, with multiple reasons for each:

1.  Trade up from 17

2.  Stay at 17

3.  Move back from 17 

The how and why you would do any of these is dependent on the player you/the Pats want and where they feel they can get him.

So given what is currently understood, what would you like to see the Pats do?  Poll here my thoughts after the jump

To move up - I would move up to 12-14 if Cameron Jordan is available here.  

Sounds like his moving up quickly in the draft so I'm not sure it's worth moving higher then 12 or 14 to grab him, but I'd see what it takes.  I think he's got great potential to play the elephant position similar to Willie McGinest, where other DE/LBs in this draft are more natural ends or LBs.

That's the kind of impact I'd like to see on the defensive side of the ball, I had previously wanted at 17 - I don't believe that's a safe bet any more.

To stay at 17 - I think you have to take a guy who's slid here.  I would count this as Jordan, a either elite CB, Quinn or my favorite pick for everyone else to hate, that all purpose 3 down back that is Mark Ingram.

If feel that Kerrigan, Clayborne, Smith and the OL prospects are somewhat interchangeable and most of them who are available at 17 may well be available at 22 or so.   It's likely a team will like someone who slides around 17 and if none of elite guys are avail that I've outlined above, I'm all for moving down 4-6 picks and picking something up in 2012.

So for me:

To draft Jordan, where's he going to go - and what's that worth?  Probably too much so sit at 17 and see who falls.

Then, who has fallen how great is he for the Pats vs who wants someone else more?  I wager some stupid team is going to love some one more then the Pats will, and dropping 4-5 picks could yield a top 75 pick in 2012, at least.

And then you sit at 22 or so and take the best OL you can or if a DE/OLB prospect has fallen that works too.

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