Pats' Mock Draft (Mankins trade edition)

There are two dynamic/game changing OLB prospects in this draft:  Robert Quinn (North Carolina) and Aldon Smith (Missouri).  And as I believe that these two players will be snatched up by pick #11, the Pats are going to have to move up in order to grab one.  One way to do this is to trade #17 and #60.  However, I believe there is another move to be made to facilitate this move and one in which I think will be more fiscally prudent.  This involves trading Logan Mankins.

As much as I like Logan Mankins, I keep coming to the same conclusion.  Paying $8 million for any guard is too much.  What’s going to happen when Vollmer is a free agent?  Who knows how much he’s going to want and he’s a tackle.  Therefore, I was thinking about possible trades and trade partners for the Pats in this situation.  The team that seems to make the most sense need wise and has both the financial and draft resources to pull of a trade for Mankins is Dallas.  They could definitely use help on their offensive line.  Here is my proposed trade.


Dallas acquires:                   Logan Mankins and the #17 pick in the draft

New England acquires:      Picks #9 and #40    


In essence, Dallas is just moving down a few slots in the first round and giving up a second rounder for a proven veteran All-Pro.  The Pats in turn move up in the draft and are able to draft Aldon Smith – the much coveted difference making OLB – that they desperately need – and also pick up a valuable 2nd rounder to help draft a replacement for Mankins.


Now, I wish that I could say that is the end of my new draft scenario, but I would be lying.  There are still some more moves that I mapped out.  I hope you have the patience to continue reading….if not today maybe you can break it up in a couple days worth of reading.  Anyway, here goes.


Pick #             Player Name             School                       Position         Height/Weight


9                      Aldon Smith              Missouri                     OLB                6-4, 260


  • This pick acquired in the Logan Mankins trade with Dallas
  • Smith would give the Pats the dangerous pass rusher that they desperately need


25                    Gabe Carimi              Wisconsin                 OT/OG            6-7, 315


  • The Pats trade pick #33 and pick #92 with Seattle for this pick (#25)
  • Carimi would probably kick inside to help replace Mankins at first, but would eventually take over at RT for Vollmer who would then switch to LT when Matt Light retires


28                    Cam Heyward           Ohio State                 DE                  6-5, 290


  • Heyward would give them their best option at RDE since Seymour left.


35        Muhhamad Wilkerson        Temple                       DE                  6-5, 305


  • The Pats trade pick #40 along with their 5th & 6th round picks with Cleveland for this pick (#35)
  • Wilkerson would add to the D-Line rotation and would likely replace Ty Warren in a couple of years.


60                    John Moffit                Wisconsin                 OG/C              6-4, 314


  •  Moffit gives the Pats line versatility.  He could play OG to start and possibly be groomed as the Center of the future.



74                    Greg Romeus           Pittsburgh                  OLB                6-6, 270


  • You can never have enough good OLB’s.  Romeus who is coming off back surgery might have to be placed on the PUP list, but that’s fine.  His potential would be too hard to pass up at this point.



4th Rd             James Brewer           Indiana                      OT/OG            6-6, 323                                                                                               


  •  A tackle in college with nimble feet who could kick inside to guard



After all is said and done here, the Pats would have added two stud OLB’s, two DE’s, immediate help for the interior of the offensive line and future starters at OT and possibly C.


Now, you might want to know why I didn’t address their RB situation.  I have a strong feeling that Belichick will do that via free agency.  I think they’re going to sign Pierre Thomas to a reasonably fair contract for three years or so.  There were reports during the season that the Pats attempted to trade for him at the trading deadline.  I just figure that if they liked him then, they probably still do.

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