New England Patriots Links 3/23/11 - Rest Of League Suffers Patriots Draft Envy

Christopher Price reports that private workouts are a key part of the Patriots' pre-draft process. Agent David Canter says that when it comes to evaluating a player at a private workout, the Patriots do two things better than anyone else.

"One, better than almost every team in football, they look at the totality of the player. What has he done? What’s his body of work? What will be bring to the table? What kind of leader is he?" Canter said. "They really do an incredible job of asking the questions that other teams might not.

"The second thing they do — better than anyone else, and they are the kings of this — is that there are no leaks. There are no loose ends in the building. That’s a testament to Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick. If you end up talking to the media — especially about something like this — you aren’t going to be working for them long. There are no ulterior motives there. Loose lips sink ships."

"Nothing that goes on inside that war room is leaked out," said one league source. "If they have a particular player who is rising up their boards internally, no one outside the building knows about it."

Tom E. Curran speculates on why Bill Belichick missed the annual NFL coaches breakfast.

While Belichick satiated the Boston media to a degree on Monday with a 10-minute talk in a hallway at the Roosevelt Hotel, he eschewed the 75-minute sitdown scheduled for this morning.

After talking to him Monday, I said, "You're not going to the breakfast, are you?"

"We're day-to-day," was the reply.

Belichick is more non-conformist than he is hermit. At this point, the 59-year-old simply doesn't kowtow to being told where to be, when and for how long. With a labor fight halting his communication with the players and disturbing his football routine, Belichick would be less apt to play along with what he (my perception here) considers a league-wide dog-and-pony show.

This is not to say it's the "right" or "proper" approach from Belichick. And it's certainly not politically correct.

But given his disdain for the league office --which fined him a half-million for the Spygate imbroglio -- and the league's competition committee (which he harpooned Monday), it's not hard to see what Belichick's rationalization was for saying "no thanks" to eggs and bacon with the media.





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