If I'm the Patriots , here's who I would draft. Round 1

                                                                                                     Let me introduce myself I'm a new member to Pats Pulpit, but not a new member to SBnation. Im 15, but I know lots about sports, I plan to be a athlete or a head coach, then after maybe a sports analyst. Well let's begin, for the longest the Patriots have been the hardest team to mock in the draft. So I'm not going to mock them, I'm going to say my opinion on who I would draft if I'm the Patriots (this doesn't include any trade up or down).


Pick: 17th

I'll select: Mark Ingram, HB, 5'9, 215, Alabama

Why: I know what most of you fans are thinking. ''He won't be avaliable at 17. '' (Kiper) '' We don't need a RB, especially in the first round'', '' No , not another Laurence Maroney ''. Well Todd McShay has Mark going as low as 28 to the Patriots. I'm not really buying that Mark will avaliable by 28th pick. So I'll take him before anyone else does, now I wanted JJ Watt the most but it's very likely he'll be gone before 17th pick so will Bowers, Quinn, Jordan and I don't think there's another DE worth the 17th pick that we can use. So I'll take Mark Ingram because he a prototype, his vision, strength, yards after contact is incredible, with our offensive line I believe we can use him.



Round 1 , Pick 28th

I'll Select: Leonard Hankerson, WR, 6'2, 209, Miami

Why: Ok now I know I'm really going to get alot of heat for this pick, but we need a playmaking WR as well. Since I don't really see a DE we can use thats worth pick 28th, Iike this guy his playstyle reminds me of Andre Johnson. He caught 72 passes for 1,156 yards(16.1ypc) and 13 touchdowns. He runs a 4.4, good speed and he can make short and long passes, I believe he's underrated.

Yes, I know about our issue at DE but that's why we have a free agency and I wouldn't want to waste a pick on a DE with any bust potential, then what's the point of picking them in the first round. I only see JJ Watts, Robert Quinn, and Cameron Jordan without really any bust potential in the first round. Wait till you see my second round picks.


Round 2 picks will continue tomorrow. Please comment your opinions. You can follow me on twitter @GatorsPatsHeat for the latest news about Patriots and other teams.

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