New England Patriots Links 5/25/11 - Owners Approve Three Rule Changes Targeting Player Safety

Ian Rapoport notes BenJarvus Green-Ellis took advantage of an opportunity to fly with the Thunderbirds aboard a U.S. Air Force-owned F-16 fighter plane.

"This was a breathtaking experience," Green-Ellis told me yesterday. "Those F-16s are no joke. It’s like, wow. It was a tremendous honor and just to get in there and see what the military goes through, what they use when they’re fighting, that was just neat. … You go from zero to 500 miles an hour so fast, faster than any other thing you get on in this world. And it’s not like a regular plane where it gradually takes off. You go straight up in the air like a rocket ship."

Joe McDonald reports Claude Julien appreciates the support Bill Belichick has been giving the Bruins during their Stanley Cup run.

"What he’s done [by attending games] is reach out to us by doing what he’s done. I think coaches understand, and I would be the same way, I would never dare call him or any of those guys when they are in the playoffs, but I would certainly be there to show my support, which I did with the Patriots when it was time," Julien said.

"I’ve done it for the Red Sox, been there quite a few times. And I’m a big fan of those Boston teams, Celtics included, and I think it’s about showing support. You don’t need necessarily to talk unless somebody still needs to talk to you, and I’m sure if I reached out to him, he’d be more than willing to talk to me."

Jon Gold (BigLeadSports) NFL Rookies: Mowing the lawn, living at home, and saving money during the lockout.

"There’s one way I’m staying afloat right now, and that’s living at home," [Patriots rookie RB Shane] Vereen said at the NFL PLAYERS Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles Friday. "Yes I am living at home, with moms and dad. It’s kind of weird coming back home from college. I really don’t like it that much. If we last any longer, I’m going to have to do something about it. I try to stay out of the house as much as possible, but I’m not trying to spend any money until I get it."





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