A Few Questions for the PatsPulpit Congregation

My intent for this fanpost is not to write an opinion article featuring my own thoughts but rather to pose a few questions to the multitude of intelligent, football-savvy people that regularly peruse this wonderful site. My hope is that some of you may be able to give me some answers to some things that I have been wondering about during the course of the last week or so. Another hope that I have is that we may have some discussion, or debate, about some of these issues in the comments section below.

Question 1.) If Matt Light does not resign what is your day 1 starting lineup along the offensive line?

Does Nate Solder step in from day 1?

Does a guy with a few years experience in the system, for example Mark Levoir, hold down the fort for a few weeks in order to get him ready, considering the lack of OTAs and minicamps?

Do we slide Seabass to the left and put Kaczur back in at RT?

Question 2.) What is your opinion(s) on the overall readiness of this years rookie class after missing minicamps and OTAs?

Will this year basically be a red-shirt year for them like last year was for Taylor Price?

Will they be able to contribute right away?

Will they need a few weeks of practices in order to get them up to speed, but then be able to contribute maybe part-way into the season?

Question 3.) If the lockout, and the lack of offseason camps, hurts one or some rookies more than some others, which ones are the ones hurt the most?

Nate Solder? As he could be in a position to start if he's ready?

The late-round guys, Lee Smith, Markell Carter etc. They're the ones that would need time to learn, and show something to the coaches in order to ensure a roster spot on the team?

Question 4.) Without having seen them play, what is your guess at who will be your favorite rookie from this years class? Not necessarily the best, or most talented, or most productive, but your favorite?

Vereen? Ras-I Dowling? Mallett if he takes over for TMFB in 4-6 years, and becomes our franchise QB of the future?

Question 5.) What is your prediction for the Patriots this year? 12-4 and SB Champs, or 13-3 and AFCCG loss, etc.

Question 6.) Who makes the biggest leap, comparative to past performance, this year for the Patriots?
You can consider 6a.) On Defense? and 6b.) On Offense?

Question 7.) When Training Camp finally starts, what will be the biggest training camp battle?

RB? Can the rookies overthrow the incumbents? CB? Can Arrington or Butler hold their own on the depth chart against a returning Bodden, and the injection of Ras-I? Safety? Possible the deepest position on the roster. WR? Can Taylor Price take over the #3 spot after a year in the system?

Question 8.) What is the most likely position to be addressed during free-agency, whenever that happens, whether with a mid-level player, a big splash, or a savvy cheap veteran looking to latch on for his chance at a ring? Again, not which position do you want to be addressed the most, but which is the most likely.

Well that is it folks. I hope to get some answers to these questions. Some of these I do have some thoughts on but am unsure, and some of them I am pretty much entirely curious. Thank you in advance.

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