Where the Money's at!

Since the lockout is nearly over I decided to start posting some of the stuff I'll be doing this fall: Betting.

Last season, some friends were sitting around drinking beer and watching football (The only thing to do during winter here) and a friend and I agreed that the Packers would beat the Eagles. Guaranteed. So, we tried to bamboozle some of our fellow beer drinkers into betting against us. Unfortunately, they weren't stupid/drunk enough to take us up. Later my buddy explained to them why we were so sure the Packers would beat them. So, we decided to bet online and made out nicely, turn $15 dollars each into $100 each. We rode the Packers to the Superbowl. Bad news is that our Super Bowl party cost more than we made. FML. At least it defrayed the cost.

Enough of my story. This season I'll be betting again with my other football nerd/fanatic. We'll be putting money on 5 high probability games every week. Hopefully, barring some unforeseen event (and laziness), I'll keep posting what I'm betting on or thinking about bets. I'm sure some of you guys have some good advice. So, since I'm bored, I'll post a few things I'm thinking about from week 1 off the top of my head, just letting you know what I'm thinking. More research coming as we close in on week 1.

See what games I'm thinking are good bets for week 1 after the Jump!

Week 1:

Philadelphia Eagles @ St. Louis Rams:


Ok, Eagles are away but I don't think the Rams will start well. I see them getting better as the year goes on. But off the top of my head, the Eagles will be fresh and know what they are doing.Look for their hot offense so pick up where it left off.. before they played the Packers. I don't see McDaniel's offense running smoothly in this game. Again, these are just stray thoughts coming out here, nothing to concrete.


Minnesota Vikings @ San Diego Chargers


Chargers were a bad team last year. Best offense, best defense but WORST special teams... It killed them. I expect that to improve enough that they'll at least beat the Vikings who's stadium collapsed signifying their epic collapse also. Chargers could win this game by 25+ points.


New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins


One of my main rules is to not bet on the Pats. I love the team too much. It's like a father betting on his son's baseball team. Bad idea generally. But with a lack of lopsided games this week it's difficult not to. Plus the fact that Patriots haven't lost a season opener since 2003 (31-0 to the Bills). Miami usually has a nasty surprise for the Pats every year and fight tooth and nail, but they have so many questions and the Pats are just too much for them I think at this point.


Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs


The Bills have been improving but I don't see them improving enough this year. Look for the Chiefs to run all over them. Not necessarily a blow out, but literally RUN all over them. I'm thinking a 2+ plus win for the Chiefs. I love the Bills...


Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars


Ok, looks bad on paper and is going to be a crappy game to watch. It'll be fun if I put money on it. But, I think the Titans are going to be the worst team in the league this year as long as Adrian Peterson has another good year with the Vikings(Even that might not be enough). But the Jags should win and I bet they will. Hopefully CJ is holding out at this point, still.


DISCLAIMER: I haven't put any money down yet, I haven't done any REAL research yet. Obviously this is just idle chatter, with no stats or anything involved. It's just my gut feeling right now. I'm not responsible for any money any one loses if they bet on games that I think are good bets. Interested to know what you guys think! I'll be doing this one again just before the season opener that is in depth. Tell me what you boys think!

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