New England Patriots Links 8/01/11 - Haynesworth a Hit; Light Turned Back On

Over a thousand pounds of defense, right there.

Mark Farinella reports Leigh Bodden has recharged his batteries after a year off from football.

"I'm definitely rejuvenated, glad to be back out here, ready to go," the Patriots' veteran cornerback said Sunday at Gillette Stadium. "I'm 100 percent. All I can do is just try and keep going and put a good Leigh Bodden out there and just try to stay healthy."

"Everything came back good," he said. "It's just getting back out there and being a little rusty. But I actually wasn't as rusty as I thought I'd be. I've just got to keep working and keep getting better. "I'm far from where I want to be," he added, "so hopefully by the first preseason game I'll be where I want to be."

DJ Bean reports Rob Gronkowski misses Alge Crumpler and hopes for a big sophomore season.

"Expectations raise every year you [play] in the league. I’m not going into my second year and lowering my expectations," Gronkowski said. "Obviously not. So obviously my expectations are higher, and hopefully the coaches’ are too for me. I plan on going out there and whenever I’m in, whenever they put me in, just making sure I do the job so then [I can] go beyond those expectations."

"Alge Crumpler’s a great guy, and is definitely going to be missed," Gronkowski said. "[Players] already miss his presence. He’s a great leader and I’m definitely going to miss him. I hope the best for him, too, in the future. He wasn’t just a great player, but he was a great guy on and off the field."

Karen Guregian note Deion Branch likes the potential of the receiving unit with the addition of Chad Ochocinco, and he's getting a lot of help from everyone.

"There’s no quick process when you spend eight, nine, 10 years in one offense," Branch said. "He’s a veteran player, so that’s one advantage that he has. It’s just all about how much can he gather and consume in a day. That’ll be something that he has to do and I think with the help of myself, Wes (Welker), Tom, all of us are going to help him try to get the stuff in as soon as possible."

"I think we should be good," he said. "Chad is great. He’s a proven player, a veteran, very entertaining. We expect he has to come in and help us out."




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