Jack'sAxe thoughts against the Buc's preseason game


PASS RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!
Mayo(2 sacks and quite a bit of tackles)
Andre carter
Ocho (slightly. he had a TD but thats about it really)
Sergio brown
Woody(get well!)
Chris Koeplin (TBs!!!!)


not too much really. Meri whiffed on a tackle but looked okay out there.

2nd/3rd(?) team 4-3 LBs I suppose. didnt do a great job stopping the RB outside, or josh johnson from running a lot. Same can be said our our 3rd team DL, but that's 3rd team.

Not too much lows to go off of tonight. Overall, a fantastic performance by the pats. The pats first team offense had their way with a TB defense (although they missed Aqib Talib and 3 other starters). Brady had very good chemistry with Hernandez and welker, gronk was impressive at blocking today, as well as solder (who had 2-3 bad snaps). BJGE and Woody had their way on the ground as well. Tom Brady looked overall accurate, but things later in the 2nd half didn't look to well for brady. Going 7-9 at first, and than he went 4-10 pretty much the rest of the night. ocho was good. he got a TD, and 1-2 more receptions. But other than that he was silent. He got roughed up a bit to this game. Im still waiting to see solid chemistry between brady and ocho, which I suppose will come in time. For ocho's debut, he was good, but he and brady need a lot of work together. And lets not forget the OL. Solder was great at LT on the first team offense.

The defense was spectacular. We ate Tampa's OL for breakfast, holding them to negative passing yardage for a good amount of time. We broke up passes, tackled their RBs, and got oh so much pressure. Meri still needs to elevate his play however. he had a miss tackle, and seemed a bit lost in coverage at times. Sergio Brown seems like he'll push meri for the starting job. this is not to say Meri will not be on the team. I believe we will use 3 safety sets in sub packages, and meri would be needed in that area. Other than him, Andre Carter was a monster this game. Last time he played in a 4-3(two seasons ago I believe) he got over 10 sacks, and was a great pass rusher. We saw an andre carter who was great in both the pass, and in the run (moreso against the pass). wilfork and kyle love provided great pressure in the middle (cant wait to have albert there), and ninko and moore did well on the other end. I still think cunningham would take that position, so moore may be on the roster bubble now. Fletcher was great in the middle, but hurt his thumb so he had to leave early. Mayo was great on the outside, pass rushing, pass covering, and run stopping. He seems to be very comfortable in the 4-3 OLB position. The other guy on the outside (I havent seen who it was... guyton? Spikes?) looked solid as well.

Our reserves struggled a bit, but I thought slater performed well, and ridley was great again. He seems like he can be a very good #2 RB imo. Mallet was alright, and showed that he still needs a lot to work on.

If you have any other mentions, please feel free to mention them.

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