Due to Hurricane Irene i could not watch the game live except on a choppy internet feed.  The NC station here wanted to keep everyone informed and safe as opposed to watching the Patriots (amateurs).  I just completed watching the 1st half over and analyzed every play.  Here are my thoughts

There was a lot not to like but it was not THAT bad.

Special Teams- was fine


McCourty will be fine, his name is not Revis of Asomago (SP) so calm down that he couldn't handle C Johnson one on one.  He did pretty well.

Merriweather bit on play action and was cause for the first TD, another sub par game from what i saw.

Chung was fine, Arrington had a bad game

D-Line didn't do well in base package

overall Stafford was HOT and the team needs to work on its defense against the hurry up, so they will.



Running game looked pretty good when they ran it, need to more.  Screens worked well, as much as it used to infuriate me to see screens on every third down a decade ago, we won SB with that.  It's working now so they need to treat it like Will Farrell treats a cow bell, MORE MORE MORE.

Ocho and Branch were not there, didn't see either of them react to the pressure and break off routes.

Welker was Welker, the TEs were awsome.


O-line can be analyzed two ways, before koppen was hurt and after

before they did WELL, the first hit on brady was fluke that Light blocked his man into Vollmers man, both were being correctly led past Brady.  The second one was a missed chip from Woody which set up the pancake of Brady into the Turf.  On the fumble, the DL was pushed well past Brady he needs to get rid of it before then and he knew it.

After with Omburger or better Omybradygotsacked it was a different story, Our backup cannot block Suh.  Holy smokes batman.  He struggled but i guess that is why he is a backup fighting to make the roster.  If we expect our backup to block the best in the game then we are a delusional bunch.


Not a good game and there is work to be done, but no reason to panic and throw out the baby with the bath water, this is the preseason.


Finally though the lions are a second tier team of mine, i think gloating on the Pats will bite them as it has well SD, McDaniels, the Jets last year.  When YOUR SB is in the divisional playoffs (JETS) or the regular season (Broncos) and now the preseason (Lions) it really is a true statement of where your organization is.  Preseason is a little early to peak there Detriot, good luck with that as others who peak and gloat on the Pats don't fare too well thereafter.

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