5 for 5 Pre-Season Watch: 4. RB situation

The 4th thing to watch is the RB situation. It's pretty much a given that Green-Ellis will take the starting job, but since we run a rotation, I am intrigued by who will be rotating in more frequently than others.


Who will be our #2, and our 3rd down back? How will vereen and ridley do? Who is our FB?

Who will be our #2, and our 3rd down back?


For 3rd down backs, we have Kevin Faulk, Danny Woodhead, and Shane Vereen. Looking at the list it's easy to say Kevin Faulk. I for one, don't know though. This offseason is tricky because I can see BB just PUP him to mentor Woody and vereen. It seems to make sense, but at the same time, Faulk has been a very dependable 3rd down specialist, and maybe BB will feel that Woody and Vereen are not ready to be a 3rd down specialist yet. 


If Faulk is not PUP'd, than I believe it would be faulk. If not, who would you guys pick for our 3rd down specialist? Woody vs. Vereen? On 3rd downs this pre-season, this is one of the things in the RB situation that we should observe.


Our #2 back is a bit tricky as well. The likely candidates I can see are Woody, and Ridley. Woody ran very well last year at the #2 back, bringing a good story along with it. Ridley is the new guy on the block, with very good strength, and running vision. I have no problem seeing a 3 RB rotation with these two and BJGE either. Who do you think will be our #2 back after pre-season? Do you think Vereen could make a push for it as well? I can see the pats using BJGE, Ridley, Vereen, and Woody as all rotational backs depending on the situations too maybe. 


How will vereen and ridley do?


Bill surprised us again last year. The "experts" said that the pats needed a RB, and we were sort of agreeing with them. Well, BB got us RBs. Two of them.. in the draft. We pretty knew they were going to get a RB later in the draft, but we did not expect two to them. Anyways, it will be interesting to see how they will both do running in our offense, blocking, running routes. The answer to these questions may lead us to figure out who our #2 RB is as well. 


Who is our FB?


FB will be between Ridley, Vereen, and Morris. If Morris stays, Im sure BB will keep him there at FB. If Morris leaves, the FB is up for grabs with Vereen and Ridley both great blockers and both can catch out of the backfield. It would be interesting to see who ends up at FB this pre-season.

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