Patriots-Dolphins Preview

I'm trying to get better at sports writing, and I though, what better way to start it off with some assumptions and previews. If your a dolphins fan here, just keep in mind that I don't know A LOT about the dolphins but I think I know enough to warrant a fair prediction.


This was a post I did on the PFW facebook page. I'll copy and paste it here, and would love to hear your thoughts on the piece, also how to improve my writing. Thank you guys very much, you all certainly are a bunch of inspirations for me on good sports writing.


Offense: Patriots

Besides Wake, I don't think i'm too worried about their front seven. I would think that our OL, with the addition of Waters, would be much better in the interior than they were last year. Brady and his abundance of weapons should be able to outmatch miami with their two very good Corners, and LBs. It will be interesting to see how their LBs do in coverage too, since that will be a factor in our passing game, but I don't think it would be that huge of a difference in stopping us. Also, I'm interested in seeing how Solder (vollmer may be out for the game) will do at RT against Wake (hopefully Gronk will help block if necessary), what Ridley's Role will be, and how Ocho will do.


Defense: Tie. Miami does boast an excellent defense on paper, With two very good CB duo, very good LBs in Misi, Brunett, Dansby, and Wake. Their DL is not to toyed with either. Starks and Langford are strong DEs, and Soliai has made a good case of being a difference maker (according to Dolphin's Fans). Beyond that, their #3 and 4 CBs are not that great imo (although I don't watch the dolphins so I really don't know) and their safeties are average. These weaknesses will open up our 3rd, 4th, and possibly 5th options in the passing game. The Pats defense holds Carter, Haynes/Love (Love will likely see more playing time), Wilfork, and Ellis (should have ability left in the tank, and may have something to prove) as the starting DL, and that seems like a very very good front 4. our LBs, I project, are Mayo, Fletcher (who looked good in the middle on the pats starting defense the first 2-3 games), and Spikes, with our secondary as Bodden (hopefully), McCourty, Barret (I believe. He looked to display great tackling technique and Awareness last preseason game) and Chung. Weaknesses would be TEs and whoever is lined up on Chung, and MAYBE Barret. But the pats have a slot CB in Arrington and Ras-I. 

Both teams have very good defenses on paper. If I were to bet though who would be able to hold what offense, I would pick the pats defense moreso here, because I believe they will have a better chance of stopping miami, than miami's defense stopping the pats.


Verdict: pats will win 27-17. 3 TDs and 2 fIeld goals. Pats will ultimately outwork Miami in the End. Miami will come out strong, and the Pats may be rusty. By the end of the day, the pats will get the rythm, and outscore miami.




I'm not entirely sure on how Misi is on the pass rush, but the Dolphin fans are high on him. Misi will likely blitz every so often as well, and I do believe he is a good pass rusher. Light, and Solder, will have their hands full. I also know that Jason Taylor was signed by Miami I believe, so we would be seeing him on passing downs most likely.

If our TE matches up with their safety, the safety will be in trouble. I think maybe this game will ultimately come down with mis-matches due to their two CBs. So our TEs, RBs (both running and catching) will both play a significant role imho this game. And I think Light may be able to handle Misi. He handled pass rushers most of his career, so I am confident he can hold his own for most of the game (I say most).


Players to watch out for:Bush , Bess, Wake. I hope Hartline and Marshall won't be a problem. At least imo, with bodden and mccourty, I don't think they will be. But also to note, marshall should be more ready for mccourty, and this will be bodden's first true test off of his injury. However, I can't see miami going past 17 points against us, so I think both bodden and mccourty will do well (plus bodden DID have a full year of recovery pretty much anyways).

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