New England Patriots Links 9/13/11 - Brady, Offense Sets Team Record in 38-24 Season-Opening Win in Miami

Tom Brady winds up for a career-best 517 yard, 4 TD performance in Miami.

Mike Petraglia catches Bill Belichick gushing over his team's record-setting performance by allowing them to enjoy the win for a few minutes.

"Football opening night, a lot of energy, the place was lit up tonight and I thought our guys did a real good job of coming down, being focused, doing their job and trying to block out of a lot of distractions," Belichick said. "Miami played well, They’ve got a good football team. I just thought our guys made a few more plays. I’m proud of the way they played."

"We’ve got a quick turnaround now. Getting ready for San Diego. We’ll enjoy this for a few minutes but we have to get back to work on those Chargers. Obviously, a lot of big plays in the game."

Mike Reiss notes Tom Brady was understated as he reflected on a record night.

“It was a good night. I thought we executed pretty well at times,” the understated Brady said after going 32 of 48 with four touchdowns and one interception. “It’s a team sport, man. Those guys were catching the ball and making some great plays.”

“When I saw [Wes Welker] break away it was awesome,” Brady said. “You never know when it’s going to go. It was man to man and Wes ran a great route. I only threw it 25 yards, it’s not like I threw it 99 yards. Wes did all the work, I just had to put it out there for him.”

“It’s a fine line between putting pressure on a defense and playing out of control,” Brady said. “I thought at times we did both and you never really want to play out of control on offense. It was a good pace at times but other times they adjusted to it.”

Chris Forsberg notes Aaron Hernandez opened his sophomore season by catching 103 yards and a TD.

"We've got a great quarterback who puts the ball on the right spot at all times and it’s easy to make the catch," said Hernandez. "Tight ends are a big part of the offense and he knows how to get us the ball."

"I guess that’s why they drafted us," he said. "Rob takes a lot of off me. He’s so dynamic that a lot of people have to worry about him, and forget about me. Sometimes they forget about him and have to worry about me, so it’s a great combination."





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