Week 1 Power Rankings - Updated

Pro Football Weekly ranks them 2nd:  Appears to be a team on a mission this season.

National Football Post ranks them 2nd:  Tom Brady should be the talk of the NFL after torching the Dolphins for 517 yards last night.

WEEI ranks them 2nd:  I feel sorry for defensive coordinators and coaches who have to game-plan against Tom Brady and the Pats offense. How do you stop all the weapons in Brady’s arsenal? Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski are match-up nightmares. The Dolphins were a solid defense against the pass last year. They ranked eighth in the NFL. The Patriots made them look ridiculous. One obvious area of concern has to be the loss of Dan Koppen and the lack of depth on the offensive line. Koppen has played in 120 games since 2003 and hasn’t missed one since 2007.

Pete Prisco ranks them 2nd:  Can they get any better on offense? Tom Brady was sensational against Miami, but has to bounce back on a short week against a good San Diego team.

ESPN ranks them 2nd:  League MVP Tom Brady couldn't have gotten off to a better start than his dissection of Miami.

The Sporting News ranks them 2nd:  It might seem like Brady has all the luck with his supermodel wife and glamorous life as an elite NFL starter, but his work ethic is what keeps him so great after all these years.

Cold Hard Football Facts ranks them 2nd:  New England became only the third team since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970 to rack up 600+ yards with only one (or zero) turnovers. They were also the second team, doing it in the snow against Tennessee in 2009.

Don Banks ranks them 2nd:  The Patriots' ridiculously effective no-huddle offense is going to be one of the biggest early-season stories of the year in the NFL. New England used it to flummox Tampa Bay's defense in the preseason (remember Gerald McCoy's "Mr. Brady" line?), then exhaust Miami's defense on Monday night. Chargers at Patriots could feature a little offense this week, eh? What's the over-under, 101 points? ranks them 3rd.

Brian Billick ranks them 3rd: This offense is in midseason form. Tom Brady hit four receivers for more than six receptions each, and none of them was named Chad Ochocinco. The defense will need to improve, but you know it will under Bill Belichick.

SB Nation ranks them 3rd:  So...that Tom Brady guy. Not bad, huh? Only 517 yards passing in Week 1.

Peter King ranks them 3rd: Haven't won a Super Bowl in seven seasons. Proverbial window's closing. [Note: King's note was written Monday morning- ie: before the game]

Michael Silver ranks them 4th:  What’s crazier – that Tom Brady is on pace to throw for 8,272 yards this season, or that Donovan McNabb is on pace to throw for 624?

Pro Football Talk ranks them 5th:  Tom Brady reminds the world that, while Aaron Rodgers was the MVP of the Super Bowl, Brady was the MVP of the league.



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