How it all came together.

It seems like the pats haven't missed a beat since our 14-2 last season. Looking into the offseason, there were questions about our WRs. Will Price be able to start this year? WIll tate emerge? How will we address our pass rush? Things around that nature. All the while we had a lockout to struggle through.


Going into the draft, BB picks up Solder, who was considered a raw rookie 6'8 318 lb. OT in the first. Wait.... no Pass rush we asked? Well maybe they would go after a DE or OLB with our next pick.


Next pick comes along, and lo and behold, Cameron Heyward and WIlkerson where right in front of us. This is it right? Well BB thinks not. He trades the pick away for a 2012 first, and their second rounder for 2011. I recall most of us being FURIOUS about that. Some of us wanted Mark Ingram, thinking our running game needed an every down back (looks like he is just a role player like most people thought). With the first pick in the 2nd round, we awaited Heyward or wilkerson hoping they would fall to us.


Well the Jets and Steelers decided they wanted Wilkerson and Heyward themselves. When our 2nd round pick came along, we were thinking to get a pass rusher. Most of us were sure of it. However, again, BB surprises us by getting a tall CB in Ras-I Dowling.


With our next few picks (just to make this short) BB gets 2 RBs, which after some though, made sense to all of us. Mallet was a DEFINITE surprise but we all realize why we chose him. And than we get Marcus Cannon who was a 2nd rounder before his illness (get well soon).We traded our 3rd and 4th to the raiders for a 2012 2nd.


Our draft provided many MORE questions. Did they get Solder in case of the departure for Matt Light? Why didn't we get a PASS rusher in the draft? Will Taylor Price pick up the starting job over Tate? WIll the lockout end so we can see these guys in action?


The lockout did end gentlemen. And tis was a glorious day indeed. Free agency comes, and with it, trades. WIll we fix the pass rush here? We pick up Ends Andre Carter, Mark Anderson, and then we get Shaun Ellis. The Trades were however the story of the pats offseason, snagging a trade for Big Al, and trading for Chad ochocinco.Of course, even MORE questions follow after that. So signing 4 DL, have we solved our pass rush? So far, its improved, but that's all I can say.


Well after preseason and the tale of the 4-3, as well as last nights game, we found out why we got Nate Solder. Why we got Dowling. Although Chad is not ready yet, we know he will be eventually, and that will be a great sight to see. Speaking of great sites, we know why we got Big Al here. Rotating in the inside next to Wilfork, he did his job well. Pushing the pocket effectively, and picking up holding calls. Our 4-3 defense seemed ideal.


It's nice to see how this all just comes together. With all of these questions this offseason, It;s refreshing to see how everything turns out. We seem to have our team in full gear, and we have a solid idea of who our team is, and what they can potentially be. I'm very excited to see how this will all turn out by season's end, so let's all enjoy the ride and make sure it ends with a ring.

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