This week on Fishing with Sports Legends: Bill Belichick


This summer Sweetjesusihatethejets had the rare opportunity to go fishing with New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. The following are highlights of our conversation out on Nantucket Sound.


SJIHTJ: Coach, what are you going to be fishing for today?


BB: If a fish is in the ocean, we want to catch it. We want to catch offensive, defensive and special fish. We want to eat the fish, so we would like to catch tasty ones.


SJIHTJ: What lures do you use?


BB: We use whatever lures are going to catch fish, the ocean being a fluid medium, you're not always going to use the same lures. Sometimes we use live bait, sometimes we chum, sometimes we use lures. We pick the lures that will catch the fish, we don't have favorite lures. There are no scholarships, you need to perform to get in the tackle box and you need to perform to stay in the tackle box. This pink spinner has caught cod for 5 seasons, but if the blue wobbler is working today, we're going with the blue wobbler.


SJIHTJ: Do you prefer cod, haddock or stripers?


BB: If the fish is in the ocean, we want to catch it.


SJIHTJ: Do you like Evinrude, Johnson or Mercury engines?


BB: Those are all well known, proven engines that have been successful in the ocean for years. I had twin Mercurys back in the 70s, they are a fine engine, big, strong and fast. We got them out of Wisconsin in '74. Good engines.


SJIHTJ: Have you ever been Pacific Blue Marlin fishing?


BB: I'm not going to talk about fish in other oceans. If you want to discuss fish in the Atlantic Ocean that's fine.


SJIHTJ: What about whales, ever consider whaling?


BB:  Whales are marine mammals, marine mammals are protected. We fish by whatever regulations there are. If fish and wildlife commissioner Polian changes the rules then we'll consider it.


SJIHTJ: You look a little queasy. Are you seasick?


BB: On Friday we'll publish the vomit report, if I puke my guts out, we'll let you know in the vomit report. It comes out Friday.


SJIHTJ: Do you ever fish with members of your own profession?


BB: Last week I was out with Herm Edwards and I can tell you, that man fishes to catch the fish.


SJIHTJ: You have quite a few fish in the box today, do you consider this a successful fishing trip?


BB: We'll get back to the marina, go home, cook and eat the fish, but we really won't know until we watch the tape tomorrow. I know we still have a lot of work to do and we have to keep trying to be better fishermen.



Check your local listings for further editions of SJIHTJ's Fishing with Sports Legends, next week Rex Ryan's episode called, "Lets go catch a god damned fish."

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