My Week 2 Predictions

Last Week: 8-8

I'm looking to get a winning record this week. Week 1 is always pretty tough to predict, so I didn't do too bad. Lets get right into it.

OAK@BUF: Bills fans should be pumped after the Bills impressive week one performance. I see them putting on an encore on Campbell and the Raiders this week. As said last week Ryan Fitzpatrick is a very underrated QB and will prove it once again

GB@CAR: This has to be a no-brainer. The 1st team picking in the draft last year versus the reigning Superbowl champs. You would have to have a lot of balls picking Carolina to upset the champs this week.

KC@DET: KC looked awful against the Bills. Their offense got shutout and their defense got completely lit up. And now they have to go on the road to a HUNGRY Detroit Lions team and an even Hungrier Detroit Lions fan base. This is not a good match up for Cassel and the boys so I got Detriot winning this one, although it would be the perfect rebound game for KC (Upset potential).

CLE@IND: My god the Indianapolis Colts just look dead, especially the offense. Until I see that offense start to click the Colts won't be picking up a win anytime soon.

TB@MIN: Josh Freeman is more Donavan McNabb than Donavan McNabb is right now. His performance last Sunday was awful. I might be overreacting to one bad game against a good San Deigo Chargers Defense, but the guy just looks like he isn't NFL QB material anymore. Bucs take this one

CHI@NO: The Bears are still who we thought they were, which is a good defensive team, and an average offensive one, and the New Orlean Saints won't let him off the hook. I refuse to trust the Chicago Bears to outscore the Saints. I know some of Saints players are banged up, and know their defense is looked pretty porous last week, but I am still taking Drew Brees over Cutler.

JAC@NYJ: I've learned to always pick the NYJ whenever they're facing a mediocre team, because the Jets are a lot like the San Deigo Chargers, they always find a way in the end to win because their competition is incompetent. They can get outplayed for the first 3 quarters, but some stupid decisions/mistakes by the other team give them the game. So no matter how close the Jags make it, the Jets will find a way.

SEA@PIT: The Steelers are looking for vengeance after a freakishly bad game against Baltimore. Tarvis Jackson better pray he knocked out early or no one is going to want to deal with an angry Steelers defense for 4 quarters. Pittsburgh destroys Seattle in a blow out.

BAL@TEN: Chris Johnson did not look like the All Pro RB we are accustomed to seeing last week. I mean if the Jacksonville Jaguars Defense can hold Chris Johnson to 24 Yards then the Baltimore Ravens defense can at least hold CJ under 100 yards which is all they will need to win this game.

ARI@WAS: This is can kind of a toss up. Kevin Kolb played well in his Cardinal debut and so did Rex Grossman. The Skins beat a better in the Giants then AZ did, but I feel like the Cardinals offense can only get better this season the more familiar Kolb gets with the offense while, the Skins offense seems have reached their peek with Grossman.

DAL@SF: The Cowboys played pretty well against one of the best Defenses in the NFL. This game should be a cake walk compared to playing a NY team on 9/11.

CIN@DEN: I am not sold on Dalton as the answer in Cincy, and I like the Denver D, mainly

HOU@MIA: I like what Henne did last week against a decent secondary and I believe Miami's D is looking to redeem themselves after giving up over 600 yards of offense Monday.

SD@NE: I am going to pick the Chargers in this. Tom Brady is going to face some really pressure on defense and San Deigo does a good job of limiting Wes Welker and Deion Branch. It's going to have to be a REAL shootout to keep up with that San Diego offense. Chad Ochocinco is going to have to really step up this game as the 3rd WR for the pats to take this one.

PHI@ATL: Matt Ryan>Mke Vick.

STL@NYG: The Giants secondary is already depleted and Sam Ram will finally have a near decent match-up for WRs on offense, and with Spags calling the plays knowing the Giants team the way they do, I see the Rams fina away to snag one on the road.

Sorry for the late picks didn't really have the time this week.

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