New England Patriots Links 9/23/11 - High-Scoring Bills Big Test For Banged-Up Pats Defense

With Patrick Chung out for Sunday, safeties Sergio Brown and Josh Barrett will have to step it up big in Buffalo.

Mike Petraglia says Vince Wilfork couldn't help but revisit his interception in last week's game before moving on to the topic of Buffalo.

"I know I can’t live on that play forever," he said. "The last thing I can do is go out here Sunday and play the worst game of my career and everybody will turn to me and say, ‘If you weren’t thinking about the interception, you probably would have played better.’ I have to turn the pages on that, after this."

"This is a new Buffalo Bills team," Wilfork said of the team that has scored an NFL-best 79 points in the first two games, six better than the Patriots. "They’re making big play after big play. It’s not smoke and mirrors with them."

"Those two together [Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller] make a good team, a good running attack," Wilfork said. "We have our hands full. It’s going to be challenging for us once again. Every week so far, we’ve been challenged."

Chris Forsberg tells us Devin McCourty isn't thinking his job will be any easier going up against the Bills receivers.

"Buffalo spreads the ball around, you talk about [David] Nelson, [Steve] Johnson, and also Donald Jones is playing well," said McCourty. "Even with Roscoe Parrish down, they have a bunch of capable wide receives. It doesn't get any easier, week by week."

Chris Forsberg notes Shaun Ellis has stressed the D-Line is a work in progress and the unit is still meshing.

"You gotta get a feel for how [the other defensive linemen] play, where they are going to be, how Vince [Wilfork] or Albert [Haynesworth] like to [play]," said Ellis. "Sometimes you have to read off of that and it's hard to get a feel for. I kind of put it like a jump shooter, who goes out and shoots a whole bunch of jumpers all day long. You're just getting that feel, so when you get into the game it comes naturally."

"They get to the run game in different ways," said Ellis, who heaped praise on the likes of Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller. "It's not traditional line-up-and-pound-the-ball [attack]. They spread you out, mix in some runs with the passing game."

"We just have to become more consistent throughout the year."





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