Jack's Axe thoughts after my old man's Birthday



OL- They protected Brady nicely All game


Ridley- He looked good on the touches they gave him


Gronk- He is still beastly. So far no one can stop him


Welker- He was the reason we had a semblance of an offense.





Everything else. And I mean everything.


Okay, I suppose people would want to hear my thoughts on the defensive performance. I will look at everything objectively.


First off, at halftime, we led a 21-10 lead (21-0 after the first I think...?). In the first half, Brady had 3 TDs and 1 INT. The defense did good in the first half. As did the offense. The second half was the story so far of all 3 teams the Bill's played: a complete collapse. 

Yes, all 3 teams that faced the Bills collapsed in the second half. In the second half, Brady threw 2 TDs, and 3 INTs. The defense, taking into account of 2 INTs (one was an INT that went in for a TD......), it still doesn't excuse their performance against the Bills. Johnson and whats his name at the #2 WR spot for the Bills had their way with Bodden and sometimes McCourty but mostly Bodden. Our defense gave up points to an arguable very good Bill's offense, BUT it's hard to blame the defense in the second half, when you look at our performance on offense.


Lets look at our offensive performance in both halves:

1st half- TD, TD, Punt, Punt, TD, INT. Pretty good.


Lets look at the second half:

2nd half- INT, Field Goal, Punt, INT, INT, TD


Um.... what happened offense? I mean, yes, we can blame our defense right? Lets look at our defense in the second half alone:


2nd half- Punt, TD, Punt, Punt, TD, Field Goal (last few seconds)


Our defense gave our offense the opportunities to build the lead up. Honestly, I put this game MOSTLY on the offense. Our offensive performance was INEXCUSABLE and our defense could not hang on despite giving our offense the opportunities to score after stopping the Bills. 

Overall bad performance on all fronts, but hopefully Brady has 0 INTs the rest of the way. I still think the pats can go 14-2, 12-4 at the least. Lets see how they bounce back from this, despite facing my other favorite team, The Raiders. lol


Side note: The Bills have a very good team. I have said this many times since last year, and now we all see it fully what they can do. Miami may be the bottom feeders now, and the Bills could push the Jets for the #2 spot (of course I still think the Pats can win the division). 

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