Week 3 Power Rankings

Pro Football Weekly ranks them 2nd:  Rarely see a Belichick-led team beat itself the way it did.

Peter King ranks them 3rd:  At some point, the Patriots are going to put some draft emphasis on finding a pass-rush. In the last four seasons, in average passing yards per game, New England allowed 190.1, 201.4, 209.7 and 258.5. Who would have thought the Pats would be allowing 377 passing yards per week, through three weeks?

ESPN ranks them 3rd:  Don't count on QB Tom Brady to throw four interceptions every week.

The Sporting News ranks them 3rd:  It was a career day for the "slot machine" in a shocking loss at Buffalo. Welker has proved to be the mightiest of mites who have worked with Tom Brady.

National Football Post ranks them 4th:  We aren't going to bury the Patriots after a road loss, but there are some concerns on the defensive side of the ball.

WEEI ranks them 4th:  This is a team that obviously has issues stopping the pass. They had similar problems all of last year when they ranked 30th against the aerial attack. In order to be a Super Bowl team, Tom Brady will need the defense to pick him up every once in a while. Everyone talked about what type of numbers Tom Brady was on pace for after two extraordinary games. Well, just three weeks into the season, the Patriots are on pace to give up over 6000 yards in the air. Bill Belichick has a major problem he’ll need to resolve, the good news is that Belichick is probably the best fit for the task.

Pete Prisco ranks them 4th:  Even in the first two weeks, the problems on defense showed up. Against the Bills, it cost them.

SB Nation ranks them 5th:  Tom Brady was 14 yards shy of setting an NFL record with three consecutive 400-plus yard passing games. The problem? It came in a loss. ranks them 6th:  While all the talk around the Patriots has been the record-setting productivity of Tom Brady and the "genius" of Bill Belichick, particularly after the airing of NFL Network's "A Football Life: Bill Belichick," the dirty, dark secret has been the awful secondary play. New England's corners aren't good enough to be pressing like they did Sunday in Buffalo. After three games, Belichick's defense is allowing 377 net yards per game. That's dead last in the NFL, and 66 yards more than the next closest AFC team.

Pro Football Talk ranks them 6th:  This team is doing pretty well for having neither a defense nor a running game.

Brian Billick ranks them 7th:  It’s official. We should start worrying about the Patriots' defense. Down by 21 points, everyone knew the Bills and Ryan Fitzpatrick would have to pass on virtually every down. Belichick is known for taking away what you do best, so that makes me wonder if he has the players to do it on defense.

Posted Wednesday:

Don Banks ranks them 3rd:  Poor Wes Welker. The guy had a nice little career day for himself Sunday against the Bills -- 16 catches, 217 yards, two touchdowns -- but they don't give out game balls for losses. Usually the Pats make someone pay dearly the week after a defeat, but a trip to Oakland and dealing with the Raiders' playmakers is no picnic these days. The last time New England lost back-to-back games in the regular season came in Weeks 12-13 of 2009, in road games at New Orleans and Miami.

Michael Silver ranks them 3rd:   Do they really have the league’s worst defense, or is this just a short-term statistical anomaly?

Cold Hard Football Facts ranks them 6th:  The Patriots’ next six opponents are all currently 2-1, which isn’t great news for a defense allowing 7.1 yards a play. How bad is that? The great 2007 Patriots offense only averaged 6.2 yards a play.


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