New England Patriots Links 9/28/11 - Patriots' Rushing Defense to be Tested in Oakland

RB Stevan Ridley had some success running against the Bills Sunday.

Bill Belichick answers questions about the upcoming game in Oakland, and if there is a carryover from a loss the week before.

I really think each week is a new week. Each week presents new challenges. Sometimes the matchups from one week are more or less favorable than the week before. Again, a lot of times you never know exactly how a team is going to play anyway so you have to be ready to make adjustments during the game. You go in with an idea and you have some options. And then based on the way the game unfolds, sometimes it goes a little differently than the way you think it will once you see how it's going. You try to game plan wide and give yourself enough flexibility to be able to adapt and put your team in the best opportunity you can to be successful and be competitive. We have confidence in all the players on the team and whatever all they're asked to do. We'll put them in there and have them do it. If we didn't, then we'd have somebody else.

Q:  Rolando McClain, one of the Raiders linebackers, was asked to describe you guys. He kind of called you guys a ‘finesse team.' I don't know exactly how he meant it. What do you think when you hear a description like that?

BB:  I don't know . You'd have to ask him about it then. I don't know what he meant or how he meant it or anything else. We're trying to be a winning team - that's what we're trying to be.

Nick Caserio says rookie RB Steven Ridley made the most of his opportunities Sunday.

He was a productive back against a good level of competition. He made the most of his opportunities on Sunday - like a lot of players have. I think the most important thing is week-to-week try to improve on your performance from the previous week and develop a level of consistency - whether it is Ridley or whether it is really any other player on this team. I think that's really the most important thing - to learn from last week and move forward and figure out how you can improve and how you can help the team in whatever capacity that may be.

I think he's got strong qualities - he's big [and] physical. He's got a lot to learn and a long way to go, but we will see how it goes this week.

Bill O'Brien responds to a question about Richard Seymour and the best way to handle a guy like him who's that disruptive in the middle.

That's a good question. That's a tough question. These guys are really big up front. They're a physical defense, they're fast. Again, that's part of our discussion right now of all the different areas of their defense and how we're going to handle some of the problems all over the place that they present - challenges that they present. So, there are a lot of different things you can do - I'm certainly not going to tell you, but he's playing really well. They're all playing really well right now; it's a really good football team that's playing fast and physical.





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