My Week 1 Predictions

 NO@GB: The Packers have the better overall team, but New Orleans have the better QB (IMO). GB's offense last year wasn't as good as it looked in playoffs. A defense like the Saints can slow them down a bit.

PIT@BAL: Until Joe Flacco can prove he can outplay Big Ben and keep Polamalu in check, the Steelers will continue to own the Ravens.

CIN@CLE: This one's a toss up. I'll give it to McCoy and Co. just because they're at home and they're facing a Dalton led Bungles team.

IND@HOU: This is absolutely Houston's game to lose. Manning's out, and Collins will be left with the task of outscoring a high-powered Texans offense with a revamped Defense that WILL come after you.

TEN@JAC: Surprise Surprise, Locker gets to face a very different Jaguars team then expected. Luke McCown will be starting for the Jags and with MJD's knee still in question, I see the Titans with the better defense and the All-Pro RB taking this one.

BUF@KC: I try to pick at least one upset every week (because there always is an upset) and this game is the one. I believe in Ryan Fitzpatrick's ability at QB and he will come through with the help of Marcell Dareus on the Bills now formidable D-line.

PHI@STL: I like the Rams and I LOVE Sam Bradford, but the "Dream Team" seems just too powerful to succumb to a team from the NFC Worst... I mean West. This might be a blowout, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Rams D finds a way to contain Vick.

DET@TB: My god, the Lions are looking scary good this year with Stafford playing like a Pro Bowler. Freeman absolutely has to play well if they're planning to keep up, which I can't see happening if he only has 2.5 seconds to throw every play. And that's being generous with the time.

MIN@SD: This game just screams upset to me, but the San Deigo Chargers are clearly the better team in almost every way. I'm not sure how much McNabb has left in the tank and even with All Day at his side he still might struggle to pass the ball against this Defense.

NYG@WAS: Rex Grossman starting at QB. That's all the explanation I need 

CAR@ARI: Cam Netwon has little talent to work with, it's going to be hard for him put enough points on the board to outscore an NFL tested QB in Kevin Kolb and a Future Hall of Fame talent in Larry Fitzgerald.

SEA@SF: I can't figure out who's worse. Alex Smith or Tavaris Jackson? It doesn't matter the Niners have the better team with a healthy Frank Gore and a good WR in Braylon Edwards.

DAL@NYJ: Rob Ryan will make sure he contains Holmes this time and Dallas will put just enough points on the board to win.

Change: I’m going to change my mind with the Dallas game. Tyron Smith is unlikely too play and Dallas seems a little too ravaged by injuries this week.

NE@MIA: There are two conditions where beating the New England Patriots are close to impossible. When it's snowing and when it's the season opener.  The patriots haven't lost a season opener since 2003.

OAK@DEN: This one is also a toss up too. I'll give it to Denver just because I've never seen Oakland's defense without their shutdown corner and Denver's at home.

ATL@CHI: I don't know what to think of Jay Cutler. He was a pro bowl QB in Denver, but in Chicago he's been as consistent  of a QB as Eli Manning. Maybe he just needs better WRs and a better O-line (maybe that's what Eli needs too). Unfortunately the Bears didn't do a good job getting him that in the off-season. Gabe Carimi can't make up for the 4 other lineman to his right, and Roy William hasn't been a #1 WR since the Bush Administration. If Chi-town wins this one you can almost completely give the defense 100% of the credit.


Here is to a great 2011 Season. Fútbol is finally back!

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