We're already 13 pt. underdogs, Don't take us seriously: Ask a Broncos fan!

Hello folks! Bronco Mike is here to least for the week! I'm a member over at MHR and would like to extend my hand in a sincere gesture of congratulations on being #1 in the AFC in the regular season. I'd also like to have some good football talk here this week so let's get to it.

Last time we played, three 2nd Q turnovers led to a meltdown from a 16-7 lead to a 27-16 halftime deficit. From there the Pats never looked back on route to a 41-23 victory. Final score aside, many Broncos fans felt like we made many mistakes and put ourselves out of that game. That's not taking credit away from the Pats, good teams capitalize on mistakes, let's just say the game shouldn't have been as lopsided as the final total.

This week many interesting things are in play. The greatest being a memorable Broncos victory on the first play of OT against the 12-4 Pittsburgh Steelers. This marked our first playoff victory and our first home playoff victory since '05.....I'm sure you folks remember the last time it happened;)

The next big thing as far as the media is concerned is the recent signing of Josh McDaniels. Now let me put this issue to rest right now. I personally, along with many other Broncos fans could care less. The dude got fired last year and wasn't a part of our offensive planning and transformation this year. So for those in the media that are crying "ho-hum" over this move, I ask why? While he may be familiar with some of our personnel, he also failed miserably at putting those guys in consistent positions to succeed. I may be in the minority, but I also applaud the way he refused to put up with the bad antics and lack of leadership from players such as Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler. He is also responsible for many of the guys we have contributing in a big way now. So personally, I don't have an axe to grind with the guy---we are in a different and better place now and need not look at that heaping pile in our team's history, and I don't really think that the guy can help give Hoodie Sr. anything new that he wouldn't be able to see himself.

So with that out of the way here are some questions to begin:

1) Looking back at the first meeting, we absolutely gouged your defense on the ground in the 1st Q, but were slowed down after that. It was mentioned that the Pats switched to a 3-man front after starting off in a 4-3 base. For those of you that are film savvy and analyze those things, what did you see? Why were the Pats able to slow down the Broncos rushing attack?

2) The Pats spread out into a lot of 4-5 WR sets, which made Dennis Allen counter with 3-man rushes, nullifying our pass rush. When we did blitz, Brady hit the hot route for some big chunks. Although our corners did well on Welker and Gronk for most of the game, there were still large gains to be had from Hernandez and even a TD by 85. Which defenses have given the Pats the most difficulty this year and why?

3) Your team is aided health-wise by a bye week. Who's coming back to action and who's still hurting?

4) What are your thoughts about keys to the game from The Patriots point of view?

5) Is your fanbase taking this game lightly or do you guys feel mostly respectful of the matchup our Broncos present?

6) Is it pronounced Chowduh or Shoudair? Hehe

Let's all have some good football talk, some great laughs, and even some light-hearted smack talk this week! I look forward to the visit my East Coast friends! Please remember to Rec this thing so it's easy to find!

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