New England Patriots Links 1/11/12 - Patriots All-In 100% After the Bye

Patriots won't have Andre Carter this time around, but they still have Mark Anderson on sack duty.

Bill Belichick is asked about Denver's pass rushers.

They're very good. Von Miller is outstanding, [Elvis] Dumervil is outstanding, [Robert] Ayers, they do a good job. When they put Miller and Dumervil outside, those guys are fast and explosive. They can go inside, outside, power rush, occasionally drop into coverage, make a lot of plays from behind, they're strong at the point of attack. They're very good, very good.

Tom Brady responds to a question about whether anything has changed since their earlier matchup.

It's the same guys in there on defense and there are some of the same schemes. There are definitely some new wrinkles that they've added to what they're doing that we have to be able to prepare for. But the way the team has played the course of the entire season, you don't go into these games and think, ‘Oh, let's change it up.' You get to this point for playing a certain style. They're going to continue to play their style - what they think they do very well. And we're going to try to do the things that we do well.

Vince Wilfork talks about what the Patriots need to do on defense Saturday.

This game is going to come down to disciplined football for us. I think we said it the first time - disciplined football for us - up front, secondary and with the backers. I think every one of us is going to have a job to do. If we don't do that, we will find ourselves in trouble, quick, fast and often. That's one thing we're trying to minimize. We're trying to prepare well and play well on Saturday. That's our goal. It's a one game season for us right now. The more we can get down and practice with the preparation.

I think last week was a big week for us as a team. Just having the extra time and going out and actually getting some extra looks at things, get some stuff ironed out that we thought may give us some problems going forward or doing some things that we think can help us going forward. I think last week was a big week for us and it really helped us.

This is the postseason now. I'm expecting everything. I'm expecting them to throw the kitchen sink. Like I said, you lose now, you go home. I think every team understands that. Before it's too late, you have to understand what you're going into. You have to understand the battle you're going into. It started last week for us, just coming in and getting some things done. Hopefully it can transfer over to this week and onto the game Saturday.





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